Use ClickUp as a Guest

Guests are able to use many of ClickUp's personal productivity tools like Home, Favorites, and customized notification settings!

Make sure you have all the info. Read Core ClickUp features and Set up your personal Workspace to get the most out of ClickUp.

What you'll need

Navigate using the Sidebar

In the Sidebar, guests can only view the Folders, Lists, and tasks that they've been invited to access. They won't see Spaces, because guests don't have access to Spaces.

Guests can use the following Sidebar features:

  • Search: Search for tasks, Lists, and Folders that you've been given access to

  • Home: Guests can use the features available in Home to manage their work.

  • Notifications: Access notifications based on activity in the Workspace that match your notifications settings

  • Goals: Guests can see the individual Goals they've been invited to view or edit

  • Favorites: Use and pin Favorites

  • Shared with me: Access the Folders, Lists, or tasks that have been shared with them

    Guests cannot see archived items in the Shared with me section.

  • Dashboards: View the Dashboards that have been specifically shared with them

  • Docs: Use Docs Home to find Docs that have been shared with them

Collaborate using Shared with me

Guests can find all Folders, Lists, and tasks that have been shared with them by expanding the Shared with me section of the Sidebar.

Screenshot highlighting the 'shared with me' section guests see in their left Sidebar menu.



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