Intro to Sidebar

The Sidebar is the control center for navigating your Workspace. From the Sidebar, you can quickly access Favorites, explore your Workspace Hierarchy, and join and leave Spaces.

Sidebar provides features and flexibility to your Workspace, with new Hubs for Docs, Whiteboards, and Dashboards and customization with pinning items to your Sidebar.

What you'll need

  • Sidebar is available on all ClickUp Plans.
  • Guests have access to a limited version of the Sidebar.

Use Sidebar

Collapse and expand

There are two ways to collapse or expand the Sidebar:

  • Hover in the Sidebar's upper-right corner and click the collapse icon. 
  • Press Q.

Workspace settings menu

The Workspace avatar at the top of the Sidebar shows you which of your Workspaces you're currently working in.

Screenshot showing where the Workspace avatar is located is located in the Sidebar

To open the Workspace settings menu:

  1. Click the Workspace name at the top of the Sidebar.
    Screenshot showing the entire avatar menu in the Sidebar
    • From the menu, access your Workspace settings, upgrade your Workspace, switch Workspaces, or add new Workspaces


Home provides a panoramic view of your most important items so you always know where your focus should be.


Inbox was previously called Notifications.

Inbox allows you to view all of your Workspace notifications and keep up with the work that you and your team are doing.

Docs Hub

Docs Hub was previously called Docs Home

Docs Hub is where you can manage all of the Docs in your Workspace.

Dashboards Hub

Dashboards Hub was previously the Dashboards section of the Sidebar.

Dashboards Hub is where you can view and manage your Workspace Dashboards.

Whiteboards Hub

Use Whiteboards Hub to organize, search, and create Whiteboards from one centralized location.


With Pulse, you can view your entire team at a glance, so you can see who is online and what they're working on.


With Goals, you can create and track high-level objectives with targets to measure OKRs, Sprints, individual tasks on a project, and more.


With Favorites, you can bookmark the Locations, tasks, Docs, and Dashboards that matter most to you for easy access.

Workspace and account avatars

Your Workspace and account settings have moved!

  • Workspace settings are now at the top of the Sidebar.
  • Account settings are now at the top right in the toolbar


Click Invite at the bottom of the Sidebar to invite people to join your Workspace.

Screenshot showing Invite and the person icon at the bottom of the Sidebar.

Resource Center

Access the Resource Center by clicking the question mark icon on the Sidebar. You can use the Resource Center to find answers to common questions, request support from our team, and more.

Manage the Hierarchy

The ClickUp Hierarchy provides an organized way to break work down into easily managed actionable items for your whole team to collaborate.

Search the Hierarchy

Use the search icon to quickly find what you need.

To search the Hierarchy:

  1. In the Spaces section, click the search icon.
  2. Type the name of your Space, Folder, or List.
  3. Select the Space, Folder, or List to open it.
  4. Clear the search field to display all of your Spaces, Folders, and Lists again.

Create a new Space

You can also quickly create brand-new Spaces from the Sidebar.

To create a new Space:

  1. In the Spaces section click the plus icon.
    Screenshot of the plus icon in the Spaces section.
  2. Use the Create new Space modal to create a new Space. 

Browse the Hierarchy

Browse your Workspace's Hierarchy right from the Sidebar.

  • Everything: View all the tasks in your Workspace.
  • Shared with Me: See all the tasks that have been individually shared with you. If you are a guest or a private Space has been shared with you, use Shared with Me to view them.

    Guests cannot see archived items in the Shared with me section.

  • Spaces: Click the arrow beside each individual Space to expand its contents.
  • Lists: Click any List to see its tasks.
    • If you're a Workspace member or above, a number beside the List in the Sidebar will show you the number of open tasks in that List. Guests will only see the number of tasks shared with them. 

Edit the Hierarchy

You can make changes to the Hierarchy using the controls in the Sidebar.

To add a new item to your Hierarchy:

  1. Navigate to the Hierarchy level where you'd like to add the new item.
  2. Click the plus icon.
  3. In the Settings menu, select the item you'd like to create.
  4. Use the Create modal to create the item.

Use the settings ellipsis ... beside any Hierarchy item to view and edit its settings.

View all Spaces

With Spaces Home, you can easily view all of the available Spaces in a Workspace and manage the Spaces that you're a part of.

To view Spaces Home:

  • At the bottom of the Sidebar Hierarchy, click View all Spaces.
  • Or in the Space section, click the ellipsis ... and choose View all Spaces.

Image showing how to access Spaces Home using the ellipsis in the Sidebar

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