Intro to Command Center

Looking for a task, Doc, or file in your Workspace? Use the Command Center to search for it and save time navigating through layers of the Hierarchy.

You can also use commands like open Notepad or Go to Home to locate, create, or find items in your Workspace.

What you'll need

Open the Command Center

You can access the Command Center from anywhere in ClickUp:

  • Press Cmd + K on Mac.
  • Press Ctrl + K on PC.
  • If you're using ClickUp 2.0: in the upper-left corner of your Sidebar, click Search.
  • If you're using ClickUp 3.0: click Search in the toolbar.

When using the ClickUp desktop app, you can access the Command Center from anywhere on your computer:

  • Press Cmd + J on Mac.
  • Press Ctrl + J on PC.

Whether you're browsing the web, in another application, or using the browser version of ClickUp, the keyboard shortcut will open Command Center in the ClickUp desktop app and start searching.

What can be searched

You can use Command Center to search for the following:

  • Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks
  • Task views
  • Comments
  • Dashboards
  • Doc pages and Doc views
  • Whiteboards, including all content like text on shapes, text boxes, and sticky notes
  • Attachments
  • Chat views
  • Forms
  • People

Search for items

To search for items in your Workspace:

  1. Open Command Center.
  2. Start typing to search or scroll to find what you're looking for.
  3. Apply filters and sort results.
  4. Hover over the search result you want to interact with.
  5. Select from the following options:
  • Open: Click the enter icon to open the item.
  • Open in new tab: Click the new tab icon to open the item in a new tab.
  • Copy URL: Click the link icon to copy the item's URL to your clipboard.
  • Tab: Press Tab or click the Tab button to open additional options. Options depend on the type of item you're interacting with.

To navigate recent searches, click the < or > icon in the lower-left corner of the Command Center.

Screenshot of someone using Slash Commands in the Command Center.

Quick create items

Open the Command Center and type create to create new items, including Tasks, Docs, and Reminders.

Use commands

Type / in the Command Center to see all available commands.

Start typing a command name, and press Enter or Return to run the command. Alternatively, click any command to run it.

Type go to display Go to commands to quickly navigate your Workspace.

Type home and press Enter or Return to open Home.


Command Center shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts in Command Center.

Action Shortcut Description
Open in new tab


Command + Enter

PC: Ctrl + Enter

Open a search result in a new tab. 
Copy URL

Mac: Command + C

PC: Ctrl + C

Copy a search result's URL to your clipboard.
Current location Ctrl + L Toggle on or off the current location filter. This filter removes search results that are not located in the Space, Folder, or List you currently have open.
Show in Command bar Hover over a result and press Tab to see more interaction options.

Choose from the following commands:


Open in new tab

Copy URL

Copy Task ID

Send to Tray

Search filter tabs

Ctrl + #

(Numbers 1-9 only.)

Type any number 1-9 while holding Ctrl to change between filters like Tasks, Dashboards, and People.
Go back Command + [ Navigate back through your recent searches.
Go forward Command + ] Navigate forward through your recent searches.

Additional uses

You can use Command Center for more than searching and using commands.


Use Command Center as a calculator. For example, type 100/14 and see results appear in real-time.

To copy the calculation or conversion result to your clipboard, press enter.



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