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The Template Center is a library of ready-to-use templates. You can browse a selection of templates for Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, Docs, views, and checklists.

Templates can also be applied to Subtasks and statuses, but these types are not accessed from the Template Center.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every plan.
  • Guests only have access to templates for Docs, tasks, views, checklists, and Whiteboards.
  • Guests with edit or full permissions can access the Template Center from items that have been shared with them.

Access Template Center

You can access the Template Center from several places in your Workspace. For some template types, you'll need to access the Template Center from the location you want to apply the template to.

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to a Space, Folder, or List.

  2. Select Templates, then Browse Templates.

    You can also access the Template Center from a task, subtask, Doc, view, checklist, or the Add/Edit Statuses modal. Choices for these locations vary.

There are two categories of templates. Tabs for these are in the sidebar of the Template Center.

  • Workspace Templates: Templates created by members of your Workspace. You'll only see the templates that have been shared and that you have access to.

  • ClickUp Templates: Featured templates created by the ClickUp community.

Screenshot of the Template Center.png

Use filters to find templates

There are several filters you can apply:

  • Template Types: Select a Hierarchy location from the sidebar.

  • Complexity: Select a complexity level from the sidebar.

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced

  • Use Cases: In the upper-right corner, click Use Cases to filter by use case type.

  • Tags: In the upper-right corner, click Tags to filter by tags.

  • Created by: In the upper-right corner, click Created by to filter by creator.

To the right of each category in the sidebar is the number of templates that match your filter.

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