Notification settings

Set granular notification settings to stay on top of whatever matters most to you.

Notification settings apply to each Workspace so you can customize them for each organization you work with.

You can customize your notification settings to choose what you want to be notified about and where you want to receive each kind of notification.

Update your communication preferences to change or unsubscribe from ClickUp marketing emails.

What you'll need

  • Notifications are available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • Everyone, including guests, can set their own notification preferences for each Workspace.

  • Notification settings cannot be accessed from the mobile app.

Video overview

Watch our ClickTip video below on notification settings in ClickUp 2.0.

Default notification settings

When you create or join a new Workspace, you'll receive default notifications. There are several notification settings that you can customize.

Watcher settings: Watchers of a task or subtask receive notifications. You choose whether or not to watch tasks that meet the following criteria:

  • Tasks you create.
  • Subtasks created in tasks you're watching.
  • When you edit a task or subtask.
  • When you comment on a task or subtask.
  • In the Tasks section, there is an additional watcher setting. You can choose to be notified and watch all new tasks that are created. 
    Screenshot of the additional watcher setting in the Tasks section.

Smart notifications: You can delay notifications while you're using ClickUp for a custom period of time.

The other settings are related to comments, tasks, start and due dates, ClickApps, integrations, List info, Doc and Chat views, Home, sharing, and Docs.

You can customize individual settings for email, mobile, web (in-app), and browser.

Settings with an asterisk can't be disabled.

Update notification settings

To update your notifications preferences:

  1. Click your account avatar.

  2. Select Notifications.

  3. Set your preferences:

    • Click the checkmark icons to enable and disable individual notifications.

    • Hover over the section headings and click the double checkmark to enable and disable notifications for each section and type.
      Screenshot of the double checkmark in the section headings, which enables or disables the notifications one at a time.

    • Hover over a notification name and click the double checkmark to enable and disable the notification everywhere (email, mobile, web, and browser).
      Screenshot of the double checkmark by the notification name, which enables or disables the notification everywhere.

If you're accessing ClickUp in a web browser, you'll see a banner asking if you'd like to enable browser notifications.

You will not receive a notification for tasks assigned to me when assigning yourself to tasks. You will only be notified when other users assign you.

Email notifications

You can send ClickUp notifications right to your inbox! We'll send these notifications to the email address associated with your ClickUp user account.

Screenshot of an email notification for a comment.

In most cases, email notifications are sent out around two minutes after their corresponding actions occur in ClickUp.

Mobile notifications

You can receive push notifications on a mobile device with our Mobile App installed.

Screenshot of a push notification on an iPhone.

Enable or disable notification sounds by clicking the speaker icon.

Your device settings and preferences will override this option. For example, if your phone is set to silent mode, the ClickUp notification will be silent.

Screenshot of the speaker icon with the cursor hovering over it.

Push notifications depend on the options available for your mobile device. To learn more about Apple and Android push notifications:

  • Read an Apple support article about push notifications on Apple iOS devices.

  • Check out this Google help article about push notifications on Android devices.

Web (in-app) notifications

These notifications are shown on the Notifications page in the Sidebar when using ClickUp in a web browser or using our Desktop App.

You can view, clear, react, and reply to notifications from the Notifications page in ClickUp.

Browser notifications

Your web browser can alert your when things happen in ClickUp.

To enable browser notifications:

  1. Open notification settings by either:

    • Opening Notifications in the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... icon and select Settings.

    • Or if you're using ClickUp 2.0, click your account avatar in the lower-left corner and select Notifications.

  2. Click Enable at the top of the page.

  3. Click Allow when prompted by your web browser.

  4. If you don't see the prompt, you may need to review your browser settings.

  5. You'll begin receiving browser notifications right away!


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