Intro to the toolbar

Use the toolbar at the top of ClickUp to find content and get work done.

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Toolbar actions

The following features are quickly and easily accessible from the toolbar.

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Click the search bar to find anything in your Workspace and use commands.

Use ClickUp AI in the toolbar

Use AI in the toolbar from anywhere in your Workspace to:

  • Write anything. 
  • Find Docs and tasks in your Workspace based on your role. You can even ask AI how to use ClickUp!
  • Write your own StandUp or update on what your team is working on.
    Screenshot of the ClickUp AI modal accessed from the toolbar.

To use ClickUp AI:

  1. Click the AI button next to Search. Or press Option + K on a Mac or Alt + K on Windows.
  2. From the ClickUp AI modal, choose a selection or type a prompt.

Take a look at our Intro to ClickUp Brain article for more info on purchasing and using AI. 

Create items

Quickly add a task, Doc, Reminder, Chat view, or Whiteboard view.

On the toolbar, click New to open the Create items modal, then select the tab for the item you want to create.

You can also quickly create items using the Command Center.

Use AI to create items

Select the task or Doc tab and click Write with AI or Use AI Tools to create the item using AI-generated text.

Select the Chat tab and use the /Slash Command /ai to write the message using AI.

Create a task

Choose the home List for your new task, set a task name, and any required Custom Fields, then click Create task.

Set any standard fields, Custom Fields, add dependencies, subtasks, and checklists, apply a template, add attachments, and set watchers before creating a task.

Create a Doc

Docs can be added to a location in your Workspace. If you don't select a location, they'll be available in Docs Home.

By default, Docs are private. You can create a Doc that's available to everyone in your Workspace by turning off the Private toggle.

Create a Chat or Whiteboard view

Chat views and Whiteboard views must be added to a location.

If you don't pick a location for your Chat view or Whiteboard, they will be created as a view at the Everything level.

By default, Chat and Whiteboard views are available to everyone in your Workspace. You can make them private to you by clicking the Private toggle.

Quick Action menu

In the upper-right corner, click the Quick Action menu to access the following options:

  • My Profile: Open your user profile.
  • My Tasks: View My Tasks.
  • Calendar: View your Calendar.
  • Track Time: Create a time entry.
  • Notepad: Open Notepad.
  • Record: Start recording a Clip.
  • Reminder: View your Reminders.
  • Chat: Create a new Chat view.
  • New Doc: Create a new Doc.
  • Whiteboard: Create a Whiteboard.
  • People: Browse and find people in your Workspace.
  • ClickUp Centers: Open the App Center, Template Center, Custom Fields Manager, or ClickApps.

Hover over an item and click the pin icon to pin it to the toolbar so you can quickly click it without opening the full menu. Pinning an item to the toolbar only applies to you. It won't pin items for anyone else in your Workspace.

Screenshot of the Quick Action Menu.png

By default, the following are pinned:

  • My Tasks
  • Notepad
  • Reminder
  • New Doc
  • Whiteboard

Account settings menu

Click your account avatar on the right side of the Toolbar to open your account settings menu. From the account settings menu, you can access:

  • Profile: View your ClickUp account profile.
  • Themes: Change the appearance of ClickUp.
  • Settings: View and update your account settings.
  • Notification settings: View and update your notification settings.
  • Hotkeys: See the hotkeys that you can use within ClickUp to save time and clicks.
  • Download apps: Use our mobile app, or download the desktop app to use ClickUp outside of your web browser.
  • Help: Access the help center to learn more about using ClickUp and get support.
  • Trash: View items you've deleted (or if you're a Workspace owner or admin, everything that's been deleted in the Workspace).
  • Logout: Sign out of your ClickUp account.

Screenshot of all account settings options.png


You can pin your Favorites to display them under the toolbar. Pinning Favorites to the toolbar only applies to you. It won't pin Favorites for anyone else in your Workspace.

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