My Settings

Manage your profile and customize your personal experience of ClickUp.

What you'll need

  • My Settings is available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, can access My Settings.

My Settings

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), switch up your color scheme, and set your language, date, timezone, and other preferences for your user account.

The preferences you set in My Settings apply to all Workspaces you are in.

Update your communication preferences to change or unsubscribe from ClickUp marketing emails.


To update your default account avatar with a custom one:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click your account avatar then select Settings
  2. In the Profile section, click your default avatar. 
  3. From the Avatar color modal, choose a new color or click Add custom avatar to upload an image. 
    • If you've previously uploaded an image, you'll also have the option to remove it. 
    • The optimal dimensions to upload a logo are 300px by 300px.

Screenshot showing the available colors for the default avatar.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Select and manage your 2FA settings.

Theme color

Change your Workspace color theme. The color theme will apply to every Workspace you've created or joined, but it only applies to your user account.

Language and region

You can choose the language and timezone you prefer to use with ClickUp.

To choose your language and timezone:

  1. Click your account avatar then select Settings
  2. Scroll down to Language & Region Settings.
  3. Click the Language or Timezone dropdown.
    • Choose one of the following languages:
      • English
      • Français
      • Español
      • Português brasileiro
      • Deutsch
      • Italiano
      • Español (Latinoamérica)
    • Choose a timezone. You can also disable Timezone change notifications. 

Notify me of Timezone changes

When ClickUp detects that your device is in a different timezone, it can prompt you to update your timezone preferences. By default, this feature is enabled.

When your device is in a different timezone, you'll see a prompt appear in ClickUp with the following options:

  • Yes, update my settings: Updates your timezone as indicated in the prompt.

  • Don't update settings: No changes will be made but you will be prompted again.

  • Don't show me this again: Close this prompt and disable timezone notifications.

  • View my settings: View the My Settings page.

Screenshot of the 'timezone settings' modal.

Disable it at any time by unchecking Notify Me of Timezone Changes.

Time & Date formats

Customize how your dates and times display throughout ClickUp. 

Start of the calendar week

This setting allows you to customize the start of the week in Calendar View.

The options are:

  • Sunday

  • Monday

Time format

Select either 24-hour time (00:00 to 23:59) or 12-hour time (00:00 am to 11:59 pm). This appears wherever you have a timestamp such as Start Dates and Due Dates, time entries, and more.

Date format

Display dates throughout ClickUp in the following formats, where mm uses two digits for the month, dd uses two digits for the day, and yyyy uses 4 digits for the year.

Date Format Example
mm/dd/yyyy 01/15/2021
dd/mm/yyyy 15/01/2021
yyyy/mm/dd 2021/01/15


These additional preferences can be set for your ClickUp user account for accessibility and productivity. Simply click on the toggle to enable and disable these options.

  • Flyout Toast Message: When performing actions, pop-up messages may appear in the bottom left-hand of your screen.

  • Don't post comments with Enter: Use CMD + ENTER to send comments instead of just Enter or Return.

  • Markdown: You can disable Markdown shortcuts when typing.

  • Hotkeys: Use hotkeys to quickly navigate through ClickUp without using your mouse.

  • Notepad: Turn this off to hide the notepad in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • High Contrast Mode: Make ClickUp easier on your eyes. Recommended for Windows and low-resolution monitors.

  • Dark Mode: Don't like the brightness? Go to the dark side of ClickUp.

  • Show quotes: Show or hide inspirational and motivational quotes when you clear your notifications.

  • Show Celebrations: Show confetti celebrations when you reach inbox zero, clear all notifications, or complete a goal target.

  • Sync data for offline mode: Sync task data in the background to be able to view tasks in offline mode.

  • ClickUp Verified: Show or hide your ClickUp Verified checkmark.

  • Plain text links: Pasted URLs will appear as plain text hyperlinks. This will disable auto-unfurling hyperlinks such as embeds or bookmarks.

    • You'll still have the option to convert supported plain text links to embeds or bookmarks.

    • Mentions of ClickUp Docs, views, users, Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks are not impacted by this setting.

  • Detect Desktop App: Receive browser notifications with the option to open what you are looking at in ClickUp in the desktop app. This notification only displays when the desktop app is running.

Single Sign On

If you use single sign-on, you can re-link or unlink it here.

Log out of all sessions

To log out of your ClickUp sessions across all apps, devices, and browsers: 

  1. Click your account avatar then select Settings
  2. Scroll down the Single Sign On section.
  3. Click Log of out all sessions.

Configure Desktop App Settings

Using our desktop app? You can set your preferences from the Desktop App settings menu. These settings only apply to your account when you're using the Desktop app.

Want to use our handy keyboard shortcut to create a task from anywhere?

  1. Enable the Quick Create New Task shortcut.

  2. Update your keyboard shortcut to a different combination of keys.

Want to launch ClickUp as soon as you start your computer?

  • Under App Behavior, enable the Launch at Startup.

Screenshot of the Desktop app settings.

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