Use hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts are available all over your Workspace. Use shortcuts and Command Center to do just about anything without lifting a finger!

You can press Shift + ? in your Workspace to bring up the list of hotkeys and shortcuts.

What you'll need

Enable hotkeys

Hotkeys are disabled by default. To use hotkeys they must be enabled in your settings.

To enable hotkeys:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click your account avatar and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Preferences section.
  3. Click Hotkeys on.
    Screenshot of the hotkeys toggle in the Workspace settings.
  4. Click Save changes.

Available hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts

Different shortcuts work in different places throughout your Workspace.

From Docs, Whiteboard, or Dashboards make sure your cursor is outside of any text fields when pressing a hotkey.

Use these shortcuts almost anywhere in your Workspace.






Close a task or window Esc Esc

Command Center

Open the Command Center modal to search for items in ClickUp.


Cmd + K


Ctrl + K

Open your Billing page.
Cmd + B Ctrl + B
Home h h


Load new notifications.

Space Space


Open Notepad.

p p


Create a reminder.

r r


Show or hide Sidebar.

q q


Create a task.

t t

Use these shortcuts from Comments, Docs, Whiteboard, Columns, Chat view, text block Dashboard cards, and Notepad.






@mention a person @ @
@mention a task @@ @@
@mention a Doc @@@ @@@


Insert an arrow ➝ into text.

-> ->

Code block

Select all characters in a code block.

Cmd + A Ctrl + A


Edit your most recent comment.

Up arrow Up arrow
Type : and the name the emoji for the emoji menu to open. For example, start typing :sun and you can select from the list. 🌻 🌞



Open a hyperlink in a new tab.

Left click + Cmd Left click + Ctrl

Use these shortcuts from tasks and subtasks.



Mac and Windows

Assign a task to yourself From the task or while hovering over the task in List/Board view, press m.
Bulk create subtasks Paste a list of text into an empty subtask. Each line becomes a new, separate subtask.
Copy URL, new task Save the task and press 3.
Move to tray, new task Save the task and press 2.
Open, new task Save the task and press 1.
Navigate to next task From the task, press Ctrl + Shift + Left or Right arrow.

Use these shortcuts from views.

Action Hotkey
Dashboard view d


Clear filters from your current view.

minus -

Board view

Navigate to Board view.


Team view

Navigate to Team view.


Calendar view

Navigate to Calendar view.


List view

Navigate to List view.


Use these shortcuts from Docs.






Create a comment from your selected text. Cmd + Shift + M Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a task from your selected text. Cmd + Option + T Ctrl + Alt + T
Highlight a text block. Cmd + Shift + H Ctrl + Shift + H
Duplicate a text block. Cmd + D Ctrl + D
Align text to the left Cmd + Shift + L  Ctrl + Shift + L
Align text to the right Cmd + Shift + R Ctrl + Shift + R
Align text to the center Cmd + Shift + M  Ctrl + Shift + M 
Use inline code Cmd + Shift + C Ctrl + Shift + C
Create a bulleted list Cmd + Shift + 9  Ctrl + Shift + 9 
Create a checklist Cmd + Shift + 8  Ctrl + Shift + 8 
Create a numbered list Cmd + Shift + 7  Ctrl + Shift + 7
Create a heading  Cmd + Shift + 1-4 Ctrl + Shift + 1-4
Move one or multiple content blocks Option + Up or Down arrow Alt + Up or Down arrow
Gif of someone using several shortcuts in a Doc.

Desktop app shortcuts

From your desktop app settings, there are two desktop-wide keyboard shortcuts you can enable, disable, or change:
  • Create New Task: Press Cmd + E on Mac or Ctrl + E on Windows to quickly create a new task from any app.
  • Open Command Center: Press Cmd + J on Mac or Ctrl + J on Windows to open the desktop Command Center from any app.

Customize the default Desktop app shortcuts

To change either of the default shortcuts:

  1. Click the current shortcut.
  2. Press a new key combination.
  3. Select the checkmark icon to save the shortcut or the x icon to cancel.

You can use Command Center keyboard shortcuts to search items in your Workspace.

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