Dashboards Hub

Use the Dashboards Hub to organize, search, and create Dashboards from one centralized location!

Dashboards in the Hub are organized into three cards and a table. The cards and the table have various filters and actions that you can use to manage your Dashboards.

Screenshot of Dashboards Hub.

What you'll need

  • The Dashboards Hub is available on all ClickUp plans.
    • Unlimited uses of Dashboards are available on the Unlimited Plan and above.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use the Dashboards Hubs.
    • Guests can see Dashboards that have been shared with them in the Dashboards Hub.
    • Guests cannot create, edit, or delete Dashboards from the Dashboards Hub.

Open the Dashboards Hub

To open the Dashboards Hub:

  • From the Sidebar, click Dashboards.

The Dashboards Hub is pinned to the Sidebar by default. If you don't see it:

  1. From the Sidebar, click More.
  2. Select Dashboards.

To unpin the Dashboards Hub:

  1. From the Sidebar, click More.
  2. Click the pin icon next to Dashboards.

Dashboards Hub cards

Use cards to quickly locate the Dashboards you're looking for. Cards allow you to find recent and favorited Dashboards, as well as Dashboards created by you.

Screenshot of the three Dashboards Hub cards.

There are three Dashboards Hub cards:

  • Recent: Dashboards you've recently opened.
  • Favorites: Dashboards you've favorited.
  • Created by Me: Dashboards you've created.

Dashboards cannot be shared or edited from cards.

Use Dashboards Hub cards

Hover over any Dashboard to take the following actions:

  • Open in new tab: Open the Dashboard in a new tab.
  • Copy URL: Copy the URL of the Dashboard.

Screenshot highlighting the 'open in new tab' and 'copy URL' options when hovering over cards in Dashboards Hub.

You can see the date that a Dashboard was last updated by hovering over its name.

Create and search for Dashboards

Create or search for Dashboards in your Workspace from Dashboards Hub.

Create a Dashboard

To create a new Dashboard:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click New Dashboard.
  2. Select a template or select Create custom Dashboard to create an empty one.
  3. Add cards to customize your Dashboard.

Search for Dashboards

To search for Dashboards:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Search Dashboards.
  2. Command Center will open with the Dashboards filter automatically enabled.
  3. Search for the Dashboard by its name.

Copy, favorite, and rename Dashboards

From the table below the cards, hover over a Dashboard to display the Copy link, Favorite, and Rename options.

Screenshot highlighting the copy link, favorite, and rename options in the Dashboards Hub table.

In favorited Dashboards, the star icon is yellow.

Share, edit, and delete Dashboards

You can share, edit, delete, and more from the Dashboards Hub.

From the table below the cards, access these settings by right-clicking the Dashboard or clicking the ellipsis ... menu.

By right-clicking:

  1. Right-click a Dashboard.
  2. Select an option from the dropdown menu.

From the ellipsis ... menu:

  1. Scroll to the far right of the Dashboard and click the ellipsis ... menu.
  2. Select an option from the dropdown menu.

You can also share Dashboards by clicking the avatar under the Sharing column to the right of the Dashboard name.

Show, hide, and reorganize columns

The Name column is required in the Dashboards Hub table. You can choose to show or hide all other columns.

To show or hide columns:

  1. To the far right of your columns, click the + icon.
  2. Choose which columns to show or hide by clicking the toggle on or off.

To reorganize the order of the columns:

  1. Hover over the column.
  2. To move it, click and hold the drag handle.

Available columns

You can show or hide the following columns in the Whiteboards Hub table:

Column name Description
Date created The date the Dashboard was created. Hover over the date to see the exact time it was created.
Date updated The date the Dashboard was last updated. Hover over the date to see the exact time it was last updated.
Owner The person who created the Dashboard.
Sharing People the Dashboard has been shared with. Members can click any avatar in this column to open sharing options.

Sort by column

The Date updated and Date created columns in the Dashboards Hub table can be sorted.

To sort by a column, click its header. Click it again to change the sort direction.

The arrow to the right of the column header indicates which direction the column is sorted. You can sort by one column at a time.

Filter Dashboards

To quickly find the Dashboard you need, use the four filter tabs in the Dashboard Hubs table.

Tab name Description
All All Dashboards in the Workspace that you have permission to see.
Shared Dashboards that have been shared with you and Dashboards that you shared with others.
Private Dashboards that only you can see.
Workspace Dashboards that are shared with the entire Workspace.

Screenshot of the four tabs available in the Dashboards Hub table.

To filter for a specific Dashboard:

  1. From the upper-right of the table, type the title of a Dashboard in the Search by name... search bar.
  2. Results are automatically filtered.

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