Intro to ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain is a collection of conversational, contextual, and role-based AI features available everywhere in ClickUp.

Use our ClickUp AI features to connect your organization's people, work, and knowledge. 

Feature availability and limits vary by plan and user role. Learn more

Add ClickUp AI to your workflow

ClickUp Brain's AI features help you further manage your projects, knowledge, and content. 

Learn how to Add ClickUp AI to your workflow

GIF demonstrating someone asking AI What's our PTO policy? and AI responding with the policy from the company handbook, which is a Doc within the Workspace.

Add ClickUp AI to your Workspace

You can try out ClickUp AI before purchasing. AI is available on all paid plans for $5 per Workspace member per month. 

To learn how to try out or purchase AI, read our ClickUp AI pricing FAQ.  

Access ClickUp AI

You can access AI from the toolbar anywhere in your Workspace.

You can also access AI from any location in ClickUp text can be used. For example, task descriptions, all comments, text Custom Fields, and the Command Center.

Use AI from anywhere in ClickUp

Use ClickUp AI in the toolbar from anywhere in your Workspace. AI provides an interactive, conversational experience based on the context of your role and your location in the Workspace. 

Screenshot of AI accessed from the toolbar.

Ask ClickUp AI

Manage your knowledge, ask AI anything! Access this conversational AI feature in the Command Center. 

AI searches for answers in Docs and tasks throughout your Workspace, in Help Center articles, and in transcripts of Clips you've created.

Write with ClickUp AI

Write with AI is a tool that allows you to enter custom prompts. After you've generated content, you have options to edit the input or reprompt AI. 

Create role-specific content with ClickUp AI

Use research-based prompts to create role-specific content like proposals, project plans, and customer communications. ClickUp AI Tools are prompts written by people working in that role.

Screenshot showing the AI Tools modal.

Edit with ClickUp AI

You can use AI to edit AI-generated content or to polish up existing content.

Screenshot of the edit options avaialble in the AI Edit modal. Click the above article link for a description of all the prompts in the Edit modal.

Use ClickUp AI to write a personal Standup or team updates

Quickly see what you or your teammates worked on during a selected period of time with AI StandUp

Screenshot of someone using AI to generate a team update for two of their teammates.

Build Automations with ClickUp AI

Building Automations is easy with ClickUp AI! Use natural language to set your Actions, Triggers, and Conditions. 
This feature is currently in beta. 

Create ClickUp-AI-generated subtasks

Use ClickUp to create AI-generated subtasks from just a task name.

Create Docs and tasks with ClickUp AI

You can quickly create an AI-generated task or Doc from the toolbar.

Screenshot showing how to create a Doc from AI-generated text.

Summarize with ClickUp AI 

Use AI to summarize the content of Docs, task threads and updates, and Inbox comments! 

This feature is great for project managers to get an overview of their team's work. Or summarize your own tasks for insight into blockers, risks, and priorities.

  • You can use ClickUp AI to summarize the content of a Doc and insert it as the Doc's subtitle.

    Screenshot showing the Summarize button in Docs.

  • Summarize the activity taking place in the task description and comments. 
  • Summarize task comments from a task and your Inbox.
  • Generate updates that summarize the progress being made on the task. For example, changes in priority or due dates or collaboration happening in the comments.
  • On our mobile app, use ClickUp AI to summarize comment threads in tasks and Inbox.

Use ClickUp AI Custom Fields

Get task summaries and updates without opening a task using AI Custom Fields!

Screenshot of a task summary expanded in a List view column.

Add the AI Summary and AI Progress Updates Custom Fields to a Space, Folder, or List. Then add these Custom Field columns to your view. 

Reply to task comments with ClickUp AI

Use AI to reply to your task comments. AI will generate a reply by suggesting prompts or by using your custom prompt. 

Screenshot of someone replying to a task comment using AI.

Email with ClickUp AI

Ask AI to help you write or reply to an email from a task. 
Screenshot of an email being composed in the AI Email modal.

Use ClickUp AI to transcribe Voice Clips

If your Workspace has ClickUp AI-enabled, Voice Clips are automatically transcribed and displayed below the comment. 

Translate and localize with ClickUp AI

You can use ClickUp AI to translate so you can localize your content! 
Screenshot of the Translate dropdown and the available languages.

ClickUp AI models, privacy, and security

ClickUp AI uses models that ensure the security of your data. ClickUp AI maintains the strict policies outlined in our Privacy and security article. 

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