Summarize Inbox task comments with ClickUp AI

Quickly see the main points of a long Inbox thread or comment.


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Summarize Inbox comments

To summarize Inbox comments:

  1. From your Inbox, select the Important tab. 
  2. Click to open a task with comments.
  3. From the upper-right corner of the first comment of the thread, click Summarize
    Screenshot of the Summarize button.
  4. AI generates a summary of the entire comment thread or the single comment.

  5. After the content is generated, you have the following choices:

    • Copy: Copy the text to manually paste it into another location. You can also manually copy any part of the generated text.

    • Try again: Generate a slightly different AI response.

    • Tell AI what to do next: Reprompt AI by typing a related prompt or giving AI more direction.
      For example, you could type: Fix spelling.


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