Access ClickUp AI

You can access AI everywhere in ClickUp. 

AI in the toolbar and Inbox comments is only available on ClickUp 3.0.


Feature availability and limits vary by plan and user role. Learn more


Access AI from anywhere in ClickUp

Use AI in the toolbar to access AI from anywhere in ClickUp.

  • In the toolbar to the right of Search, click the AI button.
  • Or use the keyboard shortcut Option +  K on Mac or Alt + K on Windows. 

Access AI from specific locations 

You can access AI from any location in ClickUp text can be used. For example, task descriptions, all comments, test Custom Fields, and Command Center.

Accessing AI differs depending on location. Some locations have an AI menu that displays when you open a new item.

For example, from a new Doc you can do either of the following:

  • Select Write with AI.
  • Select an AI Tool.
    Screenshot of a new Doc with the options Write with AI and AI Tools highlighted.

You can also use /Slash Commands anytime in any AI-enabled location.

Access AI with /Slash Commands

To access AI using /Slash Commands:

  1. From any location, type the /Slash Command /tools to use AI Tools, or /write to Write with AI. You can also type /ai to display all AI options.
  2. To open an AI modal, press return or enter.

Access AI from existing content

You can edit existing content from any location in the following way: 

  1. Highlight some text and select AI from the text toolbar. 
    Screenshot showing how to highlight text to display the AI menu in the text toolbar.
  2. Select a prompt from the dropdown.

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