Create ClickUp-AI-generated subtasks

Create ClickUp-AI-generated subtasks from just a task name!


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Use AI to generate a subtask

You can create AI-generated subtasks from open tasks. The task must have at least a name. 

The content is generated using various info from the task description and comments. 

  1. From the Subtasks section of a new or existing task, click the Suggest subtasks button in the upper-right corner. 
  2. Five subtasks are automatically generated.
    • You can edit any subtask name. 
    • You can deselect any subtask by clicking the check box to the right of the subtask name.
  3. Click Create subtasks to create the subtasks or Cancel to discard them.  

Use other AI features

After generating subtasks, you can use Write with AI or AI Tools to fill in any details. 

Using the example above, you could do the following:

  1. Open the subtask Draft promo announcement.
  2. From the details section of the new subtask, select Write with AI. Or use the /Slash Command /write.
  3. From the AI Tools dropdown, select Marketing then click Create campaign brief draft
  4. Add the requested info and click Generate.
  5. Click Copy and paste the draft into your subtask.

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