Custom Fields overview

Custom Fields let you customize ClickUp to manage virtually anything you can imagine.

Custom Fields can be added to a List, Folder, or Space in order to be available for all tasks in that location.

Screenshot of several Custom Fields in List view.

You can also add Custom Fields to all tasks in your Workspace by adding it to the Everything level.

What you'll need

  • 100 uses of Custom Fields are available on the Free Forever Plan.

  • Unlimited uses are available on all paid Plans.

  • Enterprise Plan owners can determine who has the ability to pin Custom Fields through custom permissions.

  • Individual Custom Fields can be hidden from all guests.

  • Guests can edit existing Custom Fields but will not be able to create new fields.

Enable the Custom Fields ClickApp

You can enable the Custom Fields ClickApp at the Workspace level or for individual Spaces.

You must be a Workspace owner or admin to manage ClickApps.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. Select ClickApps.

  3. Browse or search for the Custom Fields ClickApp.

  4. Click the Custom Fields ClickApp to enable it on all Spaces.

  5. Uncheck any Spaces that don't need Custom Fields.

  6. Select whether you want to sort Custom Fields manually instead of alphabetically.

Screenshot of the 'sort custom fields manually' option in the Custom Fields ClickApp.

Next steps

Discover Custom Field types

Custom Fields types allow you to capture and use certain types of information to maintain consistency and accuracy.

For example, you can create a checkbox Custom Field to capture if something is true or false, capture and format phone numbers, or use Formula Fields to perform simple and advanced calculations.

View Custom Fields

View and explore the data available in Custom Fields from tasks and using views. You can use Custom Fields to track, sort, and filter work according to your team's needs.

Set Custom Field values on tasks

You can add data values to your Custom Fields by clicking on them! The formatting and options available will vary by Custom Field type.

Create and add Custom Fields

You can create brand new Custom Fields or add existing Custom Fields from other locations in your Workspace.

Edit Custom Fields

You can rename and update the details of your Custom Fields to meet your team's needs.

Manage Custom Fields

Manage Custom Fields to make sure your data is captured and maintained consistently.

Make Custom Fields required, manually sort and order them, and hide individual Custom Fields from guests. 


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