Intro to Custom Fields

Use Custom Fields to customize your Workspace. Different Custom Fields contain different types of data.

Custom Fields can be added to Lists, Folders, Spaces, or your entire Workspace. You can use the same Custom Field in multiple locations.

You can add a Custom Field to a List and it will appear on all tasks and subtasks in that List. Add a Custom Field to a Space, and it will be added to every Folder, List, task, and subtask in that Space.

Adding a Custom Field to a view will add it to that location. For example, adding a Custom Field column to a List view at the Everything level will add the Custom Field to all tasks in your Workspace.

Screenshot of several Custom Fields in List view.

What you'll need

  • 60 Custom Field uses are available on the Free Forever Plan.
  • Unlimited uses are available on paid plans.
  • Workspace owners on the Business Plus and Enterprise Plans can use custom permissions to manage Custom Fields.
  • Individual Custom Fields can be hidden from all guests.
  • Guests with edit or full permissions can edit existing Custom Fields but cannot create new ones.
  • You can pin Custom Fields on the Business Plan and up. 

Task view 3.0 is currently in beta. Join the 3.0 waitlist.

Enable the Custom Fields ClickApp

Owners and admins can enable the Custom Fields ClickApp for the entire Workspace or individual Spaces.

To enable the Custom Fields ClickApp:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Select ClickApps.
  3. Browse or search for the Custom Fields ClickApp.
  4. Toggle on the Custom Fields ClickApp.
  5. Uncheck any Spaces that don't need Custom Fields.
  6. Choose if you want to sort Custom Fields manually instead of alphabetically.

Next steps

Start using Custom Fields in your Workspace.

Discover Custom Field types

Different Custom Fields types allow you to capture and use different types of information to organize tasks and maintain consistency.

For example, you can create a Phone Custom Field to capture client phone numbers or use Formula Fields to perform calculations.

View Custom Fields

View and explore the data available in Custom Fields from tasks or views. You can use Custom Fields to track, sort, and filter work according to your team's needs.

Set Custom Fields on tasks

Add data to your Custom Fields by clicking them or using the Bulk Action Toolbar. Formatting and options vary by Custom Field type.

Create and add Custom Fields

Create brand new Custom Fields or add existing Custom Fields from other locations in your Workspace.

Edit Custom Fields

Rename and update the details of your Custom Fields to meet your team's needs. Learn how to edit Custom Fields

Manage Custom Fields

Manage Custom Fields to make sure your data is captured and maintained consistently.

Make Custom Fields required, manually sort and order them, and hide individual Custom Fields from guests. 

Troubleshoot Custom Fields

Troubleshoot unexpected Custom Fields behavior.


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