Add rollup fields to List view

Display and summarize fields from your relationships by adding rollup fields to List view.

What you'll need

  • Rollup fields are available on every ClickUp plan.
  • Guests cannot add rollup fields in List view.
  • Rollup fields are not Custom Fields.
  • Rollup fields only display in the List views you add them to.

Add a rollup field in List view

To create a rollup field in List view

  1. Open the List view you want to add a rollup field to.
  2. On the far right, click the icon to add a new column.
  3. Under the New Column tab, select Rollup.
  4. Customize the new field.

    If the field supports it, you can have it calculate the sum, average, or range. When there is a calculation, the result is displayed. When no calculation is applied, all values are displayed in a comma-separated List.

  5. Click Create.

Screenshot of someone adding a rollup field to List view.


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