Custom Field types

Format your data and add context to tasks using all the available Custom Field types.

What you'll need

List of Custom Field types

Below is a list of Custom Fields types with descriptions, examples, and the options available for each type:

Type Description Example Options
AI Text. Formatted according to the options you select.  This task involves creating a new widget.
  • Required field
  • Pinned
  • Visible to guests
Checkbox A true or false checkbox. Review required
  • Required field
Date A custom date and time (formatted the same way as other dates in ClickUp).



12/31/2022 1:00pm

  • Required field

A series of options in a menu.
You can use up to 500 options.

Add options in bulk!





  • Required field

  • Order of options

  • Colors for each option

Email A formatted email address.
  • Required field
Files Upload files from your device or cloud storage services. profilepicture.png
  • Required field
Formula Make calculations between fields on a task using both simple and advanced formulas. Budget - Cost = Profit
  • Required field

A flexible list of options, similar to Tags.

You can use up to 500 options.

Add options in bulk!

Customer reported bug

Internally reported bug

QA reported bug

  • Required field

  • Order of options

  • Colors for each option


A formatted address based on Google Maps.

Use this field with Map view!

123 Main St, Hometown, CA, United States
  • Required field
Money A formatted amount of money in any currency.



  • Required field

  • Currency

Number A formatted numeric value.


  • Required field
People Pick people and Teams.

Guests will only be able to see users from Locations that have been shared with them.


Accounting team

  • Required field

  • Show people from my entire Workspace

  • Show guests

  • Select multiple people

  • Include Teams


A formatted phone number with country and area codes.

Click the flag icon to set the country code for each phone number!

+1 (212) 555 1234

+61 0412 345 678

  • Required field
Progress (Auto)

An automatically calculated progress bar that tracks the completion of subtasks, checklists, and assigned comments.

Nested subtask progress is not included in Progress (Auto) rollup.


  • Required field

Track completion of:

  • Subtasks

  • Archived subtasks

  • Checklists

  • Assigned comments

Tasks without action items:

  • Display 100% when a task is in a Done status

  • Display 100% Completed

  • Display 0% Completed

Progress (Manual)

A progress bar that's manually set.


  • Required field

  • Start value

  • End value


Use emoji to rate items on a numeric scale.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

  • Required field

  • Emoji type

  • Rating number 1-5


Tasks linked together using Relationship.

Task A

  • Required field

  • Create Rollup fields


Displays fields from related tasks including:

  • Date created

  • Date updated

  • Date closed

  • Start date

  • Due date

  • Time tracked

  • Time estimate

  • Sprint points

  • Status

12/31/2022 (Task A's due date)

  • Relationship

  • Rollup field


Tasks linked together without Relationships.

Task A

  • Required field

Enter a single line of plain text.

Text Custom Fields are automatically middle-aligned.

Use ClickUp to save one day a week!

  • Required field
Text Area (long text)

Enter a paragraph of plain text.

You can use rich text editing in this Custom Field!

ClickUp is the most powerful and flexible productivity and project management software on the market!

  • Required field

Capture the URL of any website.

  • Required field

Add values to Dropdown and Label Custom Fields

You can add multiple options at a time to Dropdown and Label Custom Fields by copying and pasting values from outside of ClickUp.

You can add up to 500 options to each Dropdown or Label Custom Field.

Each option must be separated by a line break, such as separate cells in a column in Excel or Google Sheets or new lines in a Word or Google Doc.

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