Set Custom Fields on tasks

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You can add data values to your Custom Fields by clicking on them! The formatting and options available will vary by Custom Field type.

What you'll need

  • 100 uses of Custom Fields are available on the Free Forever Plan.

  • Unlimited uses are available on all paid Plans.

  • Individual Custom Fields can be hidden from all guests.

Set Custom Fields on tasks

You can find all available Custom Fields just below the task description.

  1. Open a task.

  2. Click Show empty fields.

  3. Click into the Custom Fields you want to set.

  4. Either type or select from the available options.

Screenshot of a dropdown Custom Field.


Set Custom Fields from views

As long as Custom Fields are displayed as a column in List and Table views, or on task cards in Board view, you can set it right from a view.

Click into the Custom Field to set it for individual tasks.

Screenshot of a task card in Board view highlighting a dropdown Custom Field.

Set Custom Fields in bulk

Set Custom Fields values for one or more tasks using the Bulk Action Toolbar.

  1. Select one or more tasks from a view.

  2. Click on the Custom Fields icon.

  3. Search or browse for the Custom Field you want to set.

  4. Set or remove the Custom Field values.

  5. The selected tasks will be updated.

Screenshot of the Multitask Toolbar highlighting the option to set a Custom Field.

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