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View and explore the data available in Custom Fields from tasks and using views.

You can use Custom Fields to track, sort, and filter work according to your team's needs.

What you'll need

  • 100 uses of Custom Fields are available on the Free Forever Plan.

  • Unlimited uses are available on all paid Plans.

  • Individual Custom Fields can be hidden from all guests.

Video overview

Watch the following ClickTip video on displaying Custom Fields in tasks and views!

View Custom Fields in tasks

When you're working on a task, you can see all the available Custom Fields just below the task description.

By default, only pinned and Custom Fields with data in them are shown. Click Show empty fields to see all the Custom Fields available on a task.

Custom Fields are displayed in alphabetical order unless the Workspace owner or admins have selected to sort Custom Fields manually.

Screenshot of a task highlighting the Custom Fields section.

Show Custom Fields in views

Custom Fields can be displayed in views such as List, Board, Table, and Calendar view.

Tip: You can calculate a number Custom Field column in List and Table views.

List view

To display Custom Fields in List view:

  1. Open any List view in your Workspace.

  2. You can add columns to a List view one of two ways:

    • Click the + icon.

    • Or, click Show then select Columns.

  3. Scroll to the end of the Show/Hide list of available fields.

  4. Click on the Custom Field you want to add.

  5. Click Use field from library to add an existing Custom Field from a different Location in your Workspace.

Screenshot of the Show/Hide column in List view.

Board view

To display Custom Fields in Board view:

  1. Open any Board view in your Workspace.

  2. Click Show then select Custom Fields.

  3. Select the Custom Fields you want to display on task cards.

Screenshot of the list of Custom Fields in Board view.


Table view

To display Custom Fields in Table view:

  1. Open any Table view in your Workspace.

  2. You can add columns to a Table view one of three ways:

    • Click the + icon.

    • Click the Columns button.

    • Click Show then select Columns.

  3. Select the Custom Field you want to add as a column.

Screenshot of Table view highlighting the Columns menu.


Calendar view

To display Custom Fields in Calendar view:

  1. Open any Calendar view in your Workspace.

  2. Click Show and scroll down to Custom Fields.

  3. Click Custom Fields.

  4. Select the Custom Fields you want to show on tasks.

    Screenshot showing the Custom Fields selection in the Show menu.

Search Custom Fields in views

By default, searching for tasks using the view search bar in the top left corner of any List, Folder or Space will include Task name, Task Description, and Custom Fields in the results.

To customize the fields you want to search, simply click the dropdown menu next to the search bar and toggle on or off your options.

Note: Search bar preferences apply to all views in your Workspace.

You can search for tasks using the values stored in specific types of Custom Fields. Searchable Custom Field types include:

  • Text

  • Long text

  • Dropdown

  • Label

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Website

  • Location

Enter the value of your Custom Field in the search field at the top left of a view.

Screenshot of a List view using Search for a dropdown Custom Field.

Sort Custom Fields

You can sort tasks by Custom Field values in List and Table view.

  1. Ensure the Custom Field is displayed as a column.

  2. Click the column heading to sort.

  3. Once sorted, you can:

    • Click the arrow icon to reverse the sort order.

    • Click the x to stop sorting the column.

Screenshot of the column sort buttons in List view.


Filter Custom Fields

You can filter any Custom Field from List, Board, Calendar, and Table views. The filter preferences vary depending on the type of Custom Field.

  1. Open a view.

  2. Click on the Filter button.

  3. Scroll down and select a Custom Field from the List.

  4. Set your filter preferences and values.

  5. Your view will update to reflect the filter.

Screenshot of the filter options in List view highlighting the Custom Fields available.

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