Guests overview

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Invite people from outside your organization to join your Workspace as guests.

People in a guest role will only be able to access the items that have been shared with them. You can also allow individual guests to use certain features.

For example, you hire a contractor who is helping you complete a project. You can give them access to track time so they can record their hours worked on specific tasks.

A client wants to follow the tasks in their project. You've included the budget, cost, and profit margin in Custom Fields. You can hide all Custom Fields from the client, or just the fields you don't want them to see.

What you'll need

  • Guests are available on all ClickUp Plans

  • Workspace owners and admins can manage guests

  • Members can invite guests when sharing items

View guests

Guests are easily identified by the orange squares on their avatar:

Screenshot showing a guest user avatar with the orange square icon next to it.

Workspace owners and admins can also view guests from the Guests tab of the People settings page:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner

  2. Select People

  3. Click the Guests tab to view every guest in your Workspace

Guest access

Guests can Guests can't
  • Be invited to tasks, Lists, or Folders

  • Be invited to individual Docs, Goals, and Dashboards

  • Can use Docs attached to tasks with the same permissions as they have to the task

  • Can use Doc views on Lists or Folders

  • Access Trash to view and restore items they deleted

  • On any paid plan, a full range of permissions settings is available for guests

  • See the task IDs of related or dependent tasks except where they have explicit permission to the related tasks

  • Use ClickApp features (such as Sprint Points) as long as they have can edit or full permissions to the task, List, or Folder, and the relevant fields are not hidden (such as Time Estimates)

Individual guest permissions

Workspace owners and admins can set these individual guest permissions:

To set individual guest permissions:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. Select People.

  3. Click the Guests tab.

  4. Click the icons representing features to enable and disable them for each guest. Screenshot highlighting guest permissions found in the People settings.

Invite a guest

Workspace owners, admins, and members can invite guests to a Workspace. You can only invite guests when sharing a specific item with them.


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