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Ask AI

To use Ask AI:

  1. Press Cmd + K on Mac, or Ctrl + K on PC. Or in the toolbar click Search:
  2. In Command Center, type A then click Ask AI.
  3. Type your question. AI searches for answers in Docs and tasks throughout your Workspace, in Help Center articles, and in transcripts of Clips you've created.
    • For example, a social media marketer could start typing: How can social.
      Immediately, AI starts generating questions based on their role and from Docs in their Workspace. AI answers the question based on info from those Docs. 
      Screenshot of the Ask AI modal. Someone has typed 'How can so'. AI has generated questions relevant to social media marketers.
    • If you asked: How do I create an Automation? 
      AI will provide instructions on creating an Automation pulled from one or more articles in the Help Center.
  4. After Ask AI answers your question, you have the following choices:
    • Create Task or Create Doc: Create a task or a Doc with the generated content
    • Copy: Copy the text to manually paste it into another location. You can also manually copy any part of the generated text.
    • Try again: Generate a different response from the same prompt.
    • Tell AI what to do next: Reprompt AI by typing a related prompt or giving AI more direction.

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