Add an Everything view

Everything view lets you see tasks from all of your Spaces and Lists in one view! This is great for team leads and project managers.

The Everything level of the ClickUp Hierarchy only contains views. You can't add a Folder or List to the Everything level.

What you'll need

Add an Everything view

Everything view works with all task and page views except Form view.

To add an Everything view: 

  • From the Sidebar, click Everything.

  • All items you have access to are visible.

Customize your Everything view

Everything is a List view by default. You can add another view to visualize the info differently.

To add another view:

  1. In the Sidebar, click Everything.

  2. Click + Add in the Views Bar to open the Views modal.

  3. Drill into task trends using filters like assignee, priority, and due date.

  4. Organize the tasks using the Group button.

  5. Select from:

  6. Your tasks will be sorted and filtered according to your preferences!

Save your Everything view to your Favorites!

Share Everything view

Business Plans and above can publicly share Lists, Boards, Calendars, and Gantt charts from an Everything view.

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Share.

  2. From the Share this view modal, choose a method:

    • Public link: Anyone with this link can access the view.

    • Copy link: Anyone with this link can access the view and you can set more granular permissions:

      • Expire link (Enterprise Plans only): Automatically expires after your chosen amount of time.

      • Share link with search engines: Allow link to be indexed by search engines.

      • Embed code: Embed the view on any website.

      • Allow opening tasks on click: Allow those you share the view with to open any tasks.

      • Share task properties: Choose what information is shared publicly.

    Any private tasks in your publicly shared view won't be visible to others.

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