Troubleshoot Custom Fields

Experiencing unexpected behavior with a Custom Field? This guide is designed to help you troubleshoot Custom Fields quickly so you can return to your productive work!

Unexpected Custom Field behavior

If a Custom Field is not behaving how you expect, try the following:

  • Ensure that the correct Custom Field type has been created for the expected behavior.

    If you enter a URL or location, make sure you're using the Website or Location Custom Field. The information can be put into Text Custom Fields but won't work as intended.

  • Try recreating the Custom Field.

Number not valid error for commas

Commas are not supported for all Custom Fields at this time. If you want this feature implemented, you can vote for it on Canny!

Missing a Custom Field

If you cannot see a Custom Field, try the following:

  • Make sure you're looking at the same List, Folder, or Space in which you created the Custom Field.
    • If a Custom Field was created at the List level, it will only display in the List it was created. You'll need to add at least one task to the List in order for the columns to display.
    • To add a Custom Field to multiple Lists within a Folder, add it at the Folder level instead.
  • Try to add the Custom Field to a List view. Some Custom Fields do not show in Board view or other views.
  • If you're looking for the Custom Field in List view, make sure it's not hidden. Hidden Custom Fields can be seen by opening tasks in the List view.

Can't find an address using the Location Custom Field

The Location Custom Field provides you with addresses to select using Google Maps data. If an address you enter is not showing up on Google Maps, it displays the closest match in the Location Custom Field.

If you cannot find a specific address, try the following:

  • Use Google Maps Plus Codes. Find the equivalent Plus Code and input it into the Location Custom Field. 
  • Use a Text Custom Field to contain the address. This allows you to input addresses in a text format without automatic suggestions. You will not be able to use the data directly in a Map view when using a Text Custom Field.

My Formula Custom Field's result is unexpected

If your Formula is not calculating the expected result, try the following:

  • Open the Formula editor and ensure the Formula is referencing the correct fields.
  • If your Formula Field has the same name as another Custom Field, ensure you are using the Formula Field by checking its field type in the Custom Field Manager.

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