Views Bar

You can use the Views Bar at the top of any Space, Folder, or List to customize the way you view your tasks.

What you'll need

Create a view

Each Space, Folder, and List you create will have a List and Board view by default. You can choose which views are included by default in the default view settings.

To add more views:

  1. Click + View in the Views Bar. 
  2. Optional: You can check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access this view or the Pin view box if you want the view to always display in your Views Bar.
  3. Select a view or use the search bar. 
  4. Once the view has been created you can give the view a name and customize it using the Customize menu on the right. 


Edit view settings

Once a view has been created, right-click the view in the Views Bar to open the View options modal.

Image showing the View options menu

The View options modal includes the following options:

Settings vary slightly depending on view type. 

  • Rename view: Give the view a new name.
  • Copy link: Copy a link to the view.
  • Pin: Pin or unpin a view to the Views Bar. Pinned views can be reordered.
  • Add to favorites: Add the view to your Favorites.
  • Duplicate as: Choose the same view type and settings to make an exact copy. Or see the same tasks as a different view type.
  • Templates: Apply a view template or create a new one.
  • More settings: Show additional view settings.
    • Autosave view: Any future changes you make to the view will be saved automatically.
    • Protect view: Protect the view to prevent settings and preferences from being changed.
    • Private view: Make the view private.
    • Default view for everyone: On the Business Plan and above, owners and admins can set default views for everyone in specific Workspace locations. 
    • Default to Me mode: Enable Me Mode as the default for individual views
    • Reset view to defaults: Reset the view to its default settings.
    • Export view: Export the view's data. Only available for List and Table views.
  • Sharing & Permissions: Customize the view's sharing and permission settings.

Group views by type

You can customize the way your Views Bar is organized by changing the view grouping settings. By default, views will be shown in the order they were created.

To group views based on type:

  1. Click the ellipsis ... icon beside the Space, Folder, or List name. You can do this in the header of the view, or using the Sidebar.
  2. Select More settings, Folder settings, or List settings depending on the location.
  3. Toggle on Group views by type.

Image showing the group by type toggle in the ellipsis menu of a view

You can also access this setting by opening the More... menu in the Views Bar. You'll only see this icon if your Views Bar is full.

If there are multiple views of the same type in your Views Bar, they will be grouped in a single heading. Click the number next to a view's name to see the view group.

Image showing a group of views in the view group menu

The views modal includes the following options:

  • Ungroup by type: Turn off view grouping.
  • Pin view: Pin or unpin a view in the Views Bar. When a view is pinned, it will no longer appear in the view group.
  • View options: Access the View options menu.
  • + Add View: Add a new view to the location.

You can also reorder the pinned views in a group by dragging and dropping.

Use the More menu

Once the Views Bar reaches the maximum number of views, any additional views can be accessed by using the More... button.

Image showing the More menu

Use the Search views box to search for any view in a Space, Folder, or List.

Image of the search for views box in the more menu

The More menu has two categories:

  • Pinned: Views you've pinned in your Views Bar.
  • Views: View haven't been pinned.

Click the pin icon beside a view to add it to the Pinned section. Click the pin icon again to unpin any pinned views.

Image showing the pin icon beside a view

You can reorder pinned views by dragging and dropping them into the order you'd like. Only pinned views can be reordered.

Select Group by type to group the views by type.

Image showing the group by type button in the More menu

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