Duplicate a view

See the same tasks as a different view type. Or choose the same view type and settings to make an exact copy. 

What you'll need

  • Required views are available on every plan.
  • Certain views require different paid plans.
  • Guests can't create views.
  • Guests can only see views shared with them.

Duplicate a view

This feature reuses the settings from an existing view to create a new view type with the same info. Some view types have fewer settings. If the settings are available in the duplicate view type, they'll be reused.

You can also make an exact copy of the view, or make a copy with different settings.

These settings are reused if they're available on both view types:

  • Visible information, like Custom Fields, is duplicated in the same order 
  • Pin
  • Autosave view
  • Sort by
  • Group by
  • Filter
  • Show closed
  • Expand subtask

To duplicate a view:

  1. In the Views Bar, right click the view's name.
  2. Select Duplicate as.
  3. Select the view type from the list of available options.
Screenshot highlighting the 'duplicate as' option in a view's ellipsis menu.

For some view types, you have the choice not to include certain items in the duplicated view.

Available view duplications and settings

Some view types don't work together. Also, settings are only reused if they're available in both view types. 

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