Export List and Table views

You can export your List and Table views as an Excel or CSV file.

The Excel format will retain many styles as well as how your tasks are grouped in the view. This includes any custom status or dropdown colors. Your view's name and column calculations are also included in the export!
You can also export Form views as CSV files.

What you'll need

  • On the Free Forever and Unlimited Plans, you can export five List views and five Table views.

  • Unlimited exports are available on Business Plans and above.

  • Guests can't export List or Table views.

  • Collapsed groups are not included in the export.

Export List and Table views

Export task data from List and Table views!

To export a List or Table view in ClickUp:

  1. Navigate to the List or Table view you want to export.

  2. In the upper-right corner of your List or Table view, click Customize.

  3. Click Export.

  4. Choose What To Export:

    • Visible columns: Only export information in the columns that are visible in your view. With this option selected, closed tasks will also be shown on your export. 

    • Task names only: Export a simple list of the task names from the List.

    • All columns: Export all data for the tasks in your view, regardless of which columns you're viewing.

  5. Choose your File Format.

    • If CSV is selected, you will see a Date Format export option:

      • Normal: Day, date, time, timezone offset.

      • ISO (International Standard): Year, month, day, (T) time.

      • POSIX: The number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970.

    • If CSV is selected, you will also see a Time Format export option:

      • Normal: Displays time using h to represent hours and m to represent minutes. For example, 10 hours and five minutes would appear as 10h 5m.

      • hh:mm: Displays hours followed by minutes, separated by a colon. For example, 10 hours and five minutes would appear as 10:05.

  6. Select Time in Status preferences if applicable.

  7. Click Download.

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Include subtasks in your export

To include subtasks in your export, click the Subtasks option in the upper-right corner of your List or Table view:

  • In List view, select As separate tasks from the dropdown menu.

  • In Table view, toggle on Showing Subtasks.

Export Time in Status information

Workspaces that use the Time in Status ClickApp have an additional option available when exporting from List and Table views.

Time in Status options will vary depending on your export preferences:

  • When exporting Visible columns, be sure to add the Time in Status column to your List or Table view before exporting.

  • Exporting All columns will automatically include Time in Status information.

Time in Status export options include:

  • Current only: The export will include Time in Status information for the current status of each task.

  • Total by status: The export will include Time in Status information for every status of each task. Each status is included as a separate column in the exported file.

Screenshot showing the different export settings.

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