Move views

You can move views across your Workspace to preserve things like filters, sorting, or grouping. This includes any Page view, except for Form view

Required views cannot be moved. Instead, you can use default view templates to use the same required view throughout your Workspace.

What you'll need

  • Moving views is available on every ClickUp plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, can move views.

Move views

To move a view:

  1. Right click on the view you'd like to move. 
  2. Select Move
  3. Choose a new location:

    • Everything: Add the view to the Everything view.

    • Space, Folder, or List: Select the Space, Folder, or List to move your view to.

  4. Click Move view.

Your view will automatically update to reflect its new location but will retain the same filters, preferences, and settings.

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