Create a private view

Private views are only visible to you. If you don't need other people to access your view, then you can make it a private view.

You can still share your private view with a public link or embed code by clicking Share.

If you'd rather protect a view from being changed, take a look at this article about protecting views.

What you'll need

  • Private views are available on the Business Plan or above!

  • All Workspace members can create private views.

    • Guests can create private views in Workspace items shared with them but they cannot make existing views private.

  • Required views cannot be made private. You'll need to duplicate a required view to make it private.

Create a private view

Making a view private can be done during the view's creation.

To make a view private upon creation:

  1. Click + View in the Views Bar to open the views modal.

  2. Be sure that the Private view box is checked before adding the view.


In a private List view, rearranging the order of tasks by dragging and dropping will also change the order of the tasks on the public view. 

Make an existing view private

You can also easily make an existing view private. To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the view. 

  2. Choose More settings.

  3. Flip the toggle on for Private view.

Tip: If you'd like to have your view grouped differently, or have a few filters applied, you can use private views! To do this, duplicate the view, and change it to private. You'll end up with your own personal version, without changing the view for others!

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