Protect a View

Protect a view to prevent settings and preferences from being changed.

What you'll need

Protect a view

You can protect a view at any level of the hierarchy. By default, anyone with Edit permissions at the List or Folder level can unprotect a view in that location.
Protecting a view locks the following settings and preferences from being changed:
These are all protected until an authorized user unprotects the view.
To protect a view:
  1. Right-click the view. 
  2. Choose More settings and then Protect view or Sharing & Permissions and then Protect view.
  3. Optional: Add a message to appear when users attempt to unprotect the view.
  4. Optional: Click Manage permissions to customize who can and can't unprotect the view.
  5. Click Protect Layout.
Note: Protecting a Doc view also protects the Doc.

Find a protected view

Protected views display a shield icon next to the view name and in the lower right corner:
Screenshot showing the shield icon beside a view
Tip: Click the shield icon in the lower right to make a view editable again.
When you try to make changes, we'll let you know the view is protected.
Clicking Revert will undo any temporary changes made to the protected view.
If you have permission to unprotect the view, you can do so here, and any changes you've made will be saved.

Manage protected view permissions

Permissions control who can unprotect the view to save changes. You can set permissions at any time.
To edit permissions after protecting a view:
  1. Right-click the view. 
  2. Click More settings and then Edit permissions under Protect view
    • Or click Sharing & Permissions and then Edit protection.
  3. Select the dropdown beside a user's name and choose an option to set their permissions.

Edit a protected view

To make changes to a protected view, a user with permissions can do the following:
  1. Make changes to the protected view.
  2. When you see the prompt appear in the lower left corner, select Unprotect View and the changes will be saved.
Note: If you don't have permission to unprotect a view, you'll only have the option to revert any temporary changes. Refreshing or leaving the view will also revert any temporary changes.


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