Set a default view

When you make a view the default, that view will be the first one that you see when you visit that location in your Workspace. 

For example, if a Calendar view is made the default for a Space, each time you open that Space, the Calendar view will be shown by default. 

What you'll need

Set a default view

To set a view as the default for a Space:

  1. In the left Sidebar, hover over the Space you want to set a default view for.
  2. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  3. Click Space settings.
  4. Select All Space settings.
  5. Select Default settings for views at the bottom. 
  6. Hover to the left of the toggle beside any view and click the ellipsis... icon.
  7. Click Make Default.
  8. Click Review changes.
  9. Review, then click Save changes


This view is now the default for that Space and any of its new or existing Folders and Lists. You can go back to the Edit modal and change a default, required view at any time.

Set a default view for everyone

On the Business Plan and above, owners and admins can set default views for everyone in specific Workspace locations. Setting a default view for everyone will also make that view required

To set a default view for everyone in a Space:

  1. Right-click the view you'd like to make default in the Views Bar. 
  2. Click More settings.
  3. Toggle on Default for everyone.

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