View Templates

Save a view and quickly re-use it across any Space, Folder, or List in your Workspace.

Plus, you can even set who has access to Templates!

View templates save the filters, grouping, sorting, and other view preferences. Tasks are not saved in view templates. To save tasks, use a List template.

Find and Use a View Template

  1. Create or open a view

  2. Click on the view settings ellipses

  3. Select Template Center and then Browse Templates

  4. Search for a template from your Workspace

  5. Filter by template type to just see view templates

  6. Click on Quick Use to immediately append the template to your existing view

  7. Or select a view template to see more detail

  8. Select Use Template

Screenshot highlighting the ellipsis menu used to add a view template to an existing view.

Create a View Template

  1. Create or open a view

  2. Click on the view settings ellipsis

  3. Select Template Center and then Save as a Template

  4. Enter your new Template name or overwrite an existing one by selecting Update an existing template

  5. Select your sharing options

  6. Click Save

Update a View Template

  1. Create a brand new view using an existing template

  2. Make any changes and updates to the view

  3. Click the view settings ellipses

  4. Select Template Center and then Update existing template

  5. Search for and choose the existing template you wish to update

  6. Click Next

  7. Optional: rename and update the sharing preferences for your template

  8. Click Save

Delete a View Template

Need to tidy up your view templates? Consider deleting ones you no longer need.

Be careful! Once you delete a template, it's gone forever.

  1. Open the Template center

  2. Select the template you wish to delete

  3. In the template preview, select Delete Template

Default View Templates

Set default views in a Space by choosing a template. When new views are created, they'll also use the template's view by default.


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