Public sharing overview

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ClickUp's sharing options give you complete control of who sees what, and what permissions they have.


If the person you want to share something with isn't a member of the Workspace, you can invite them to join your Workspace!


What you'll need

  • Sharing options are available on all ClickUp plans.

  • Guests can't share items.

  • Third-party cookies are required to view publicly shared items.


Items that can be shared

You can share the following items with users in your Workspace:


Share Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks

You can share Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks with users in your Workspace.

Screenshot showing the sharing and permissions modal for a Folder.


Share views

You can publicly share the following views for any Space, Folder, or List:


Workspaces on the Business Plan and above can also publicly share these views at the Everything level.

Screenshot showing the sharing and permissions modal for a view.


Tip: Doc, Chat, Embed, and Form views have unique sharing options.


Share Docs, Dashboards, Whiteboards, Goals, and Goal folders

Share and set specific permissions for Docs, Dashboards, Whiteboards, Goals, and Goal folders.


Docs and Pages


Goals and Goal folders


Set as private or public

Set Permissions (view, comment, edit, full)

Via public link: view only

Other sharing options:
everything but comment

Share with guests

Share with Teams

Share publicly via web

Note: Only Full permissions are available on the Free Forever Plan. Paid plans allow you to give other people View, Comment, Edit, or Full permissions to shared items.


Share templates

Templates can be kept private or be shared with your Workspace, specific users, Teams, or the world.

Screenshot showing the templates modal.


Share with Teams

On the Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan, you can share items with Teams and set permissions per Team.


Share items with a public link

You can share tasks, views, and Docs with people outside your Workspace using public links.

Screenshot showing the public link.

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