Add a Board view

Board view’s powerful drag-and-drop interface makes it a go-to option for agile teams. However, every user can benefit from the convenience it offers!

Screenshot of Board view.

What you'll need

Add a Board view

You can create a Board view at any level of your Workspace. Choose whether you want to focus on a single List, an entire Folder, or even all Spaces across your Workspace using the Everything view.

Everything view is a way for you to view all of your tasks in one Board, even if they have different columns.

You can add a Board view in two ways:

From + View

To add a view using + View:

  1. Open the Views modal.

    • In ClickUp 2.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + View.
    • In ClickUp 3.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + Add.
  2. Select Board.

  3. Name the view.

  4. Choose how you would like to group the task cards in the Group Board by: dropdown.

  5. Optional: Check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access this view or the Pin view box if you want the view to always display in your Views Bar.

  6. Click Add View.

Use a /Slash Command

You can use a /Slash Command from the following locations to add an editable Board view.

  • Task view

  • Docs

  • Chat view comments and replies

  • Text block Dashboard cards

  • Notepad

To add a Board view using Slash commands:

  1. From the location you want to add the view, type /bview.

  2. Use the modal to add your tasks.

Use /Slash Commands to add Board views for sprint workflows like tracking milestones for epics.

Customize your Board

Once you've added your Board view, there are many different options for organizing the information that you'd like to see.

Your customization options can be accessed through the menu bar in the upper-right corner of your screen and include the following:

  • Filter: With a filter, you can cut out the clutter and just view tasks that pertain to specific criteria. Click on Filter in the upper right to change the criteria!

    • Save a filter for later use by clicking on the floppy disk icon as shown above.

  • Sort by: This option allows you to change the way that task cards are sorted on your Board using the following options:

  • Group by: This option allows you to change the way that the task cards are grouped on your Board using the following options:

    • Status

    • Assignees

    • Priority

    • Tags

    • Due date

    • Custom Field

      • Swimlanes: From the Group by menu, you can also enable Swimlanes.
        Screenshot showing Swimlanes in the Group by menu.
        Swimlanes contain the same options as the Group by menu. This feature allows you to add rows alongside the columns on a Board view. For example, project managers can organize by status and priority to create a high-level overview of their team's most important tasks!

  • Subtasks: The Subtask icon in the upper right corner of your screen is used to choose how the subtasks will be displayed on your Board.

    • Expanded - See your subtasks as separate items directly below parent tasks.

    • As separate tasks - Subtasks are shown as separate items and can be moved between columns independently. Choose this option if you want subtasks to appear in filtering results.

    • Compact - Subtasks will not appear unless you manually expand them.

  • Me Mode: Toggling on this view will show only tasks assigned to you. You're also able to show tasks you're involved in.

  • Assignees Mode: Turning on assignees mode will show tasks assigned to whichever user you select.

  • Show: The Show menu will allow you to control exactly what you see on your Board. You have the ability to control:

    • Task locations

    • Subtask parent names

    • Closed subtasks

    • Show assignees

    • Collapse empty columns

    • Show images on cards - In Board view, task cards can display cover images. To make images appear on task cards in Board view, just toggle this option on in the Show menu.

      • By default, this option will set the first attached picture as a task’s cover image. If you want to change this image, you can pin any image attached to the task.

    • Show task IDs

    • Show time tracker

    • Tasks in Multiple Lists

    • Custom Fields

To make bulk edits to tasks on your Board, utilize the Bulk Action Toolbar to make changes to tons of tasks all at once. You can add assignees, change statuses, and even archive or delete tasks. Hover over any task to start making bulk changes.

Screenshot of someone selecting a task in Board view to activate the Bulk Action Toolbar.

Available actions

  • Drag-and-Drop: A key aspect of Board view is the ability to quickly move tasks through workflows and adjust their priorities. Easily drag and drop a task into any status (including collapsed statuses) and move the task up or down to change the priority of the task.

  • Change Assignees: There's no need to open a task to remove an assignee in Board view. Simply click on the avatars under the task to create, add, or remove assignees.

  • Quick-Create Tasks: Click the + in the upper right corner of any column to add a task in Board view. The new task will adapt the status of the Board in which it was created.

  • Adjust Due Dates: Again, no need to open a task to make changes. Just click the calendar symbol next to your task's avatar symbol to quickly update.

  • Add Tags: Organize tasks on a whole new dimension right from the Board. Simply hover over your task and click the tag symbol to edit or create a tag.

  • Custom Views: Once you create a Board view, customize it by clicking on the ellipsis next to it and making changes.

  • Click on the ellipsis ... at the top of any column to choose an action:

    • Rename status [When grouping by status].

    • Edit the statuses for the Folder or Space you're viewing [When grouping by status].

    • Create a new task in the column.

    • Archive all tasks in the status/column.

    • Collapse the column to get it out of your view. 


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