Add a Board view

Board view’s powerful drag-and-drop interface makes it a go-to option for agile teams. However, every user can benefit from the convenience it offers.


What you'll need

Add a Board view

You can create a Board view at any level of your Workspace. Choose whether you want to focus on a single List, an entire Folder, or even all Spaces across your Workspace using the Everything view.

Everything view is a way for you to view all of your tasks in one Board, even if they have different columns.

You can add a Board view in two ways:

From + View

To add a view using + View:

  1. Click + Add in the Views bar to open the Views modal.

  2. Optional: You can check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access this view or the Pin view box if you want the view to always display in your Views Bar.
  3. Select Board.

  4. Once the view has been created you can give the view a name and customize it using the Customize menu on the right. 

  5. Choose how you would like to group the task cards in the Group button.

Use a /Slash Command

You can use a /Slash Command from the following locations to add an editable Board view.

  • Task view

  • Docs

  • Chat view comments and replies

  • Text block Dashboard cards

  • Notepad

To add a Board view using Slash commands:

  1. From the location you want to add the view, type /bview.

  2. Use the modal to add your tasks.

Use /Slash Commands to add Board views for sprint workflows like tracking milestones for epics.

Customize your Board

Once you've added your Board view, there are many different options for organizing the information that you'd like to see. 

To customize your Board view, click Customize in the upper-right corner to open your Board view settings. 

You have several options when customizing your Board view.

Settings option Description
Board options

Set the Board options: 

  • Task cover: Choose the card covers from the following options: 
    • None 
    • Image (default) 
    • Task description 
  • Collapse empty columns: Collapse columns without tasks. 
  • Card size: Change the size of the cards. 
  • Stack fields: Show task Custom Fields in a stack on the cards. 
  • Task properties: Display the following information on cards:
    • Description
    • Assigned Comments
    • Checklists
    • Attachments
    • Dependency 
  • Show empty fields: Show empty Custom Fields. 
  • Color columns: Make each column the color of the status. 
  • Task locations: Show location breadcrumbs on tasks.
  • Subtask parent names: Show parent task names directly above their subtasks' names.
  • Closed subtasks: Show subtasks in the Closed status.
  • Tasks in Multiple Lists: If you're using the Tasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp, show tasks added to this List from another location.
  • Subtasks in Multiple Lists: If you're using the Subtasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp, show subtasks added to this List from another location.
More settings

View additional Board view settings:

  • Add to favorites
  • Autosave view
  • Pin view
  • Protect view
  • Private view
  • Default for everyone 
  • Default to Me Mode
  • Reset view defaults
  • Default view settings: Enable or disable the settings that each new view will inherit from the following: 
    • Show Folder and List names
    • Show subtask parent names
    • Show assignees
    • Collapse empty columns 
    • Show cover images
    • Show task IDs
    • Show time tracker
Fields Customize the Custom Fields that appear on the Board view cards including status, tags, task type, and more.
Filter Enable or disable Board filters
Group Enable or disable task grouping
Sort Reorganize Board view cards into a specific order. 
Subtasks Choose how subtasks are displayed on the Board. 
Templates Create and edit the Board template or find a template using the Template Center. 
Copy link Copy the link to the List. 
Export Export the List. 
Sharing & Permissions Customize the List sharing and permissions settings. 

When you make changes to a view, a popup will appear in the lower-right with the option to Save the view. Click Autosave view if you would like all new changes to save automatically.

Available actions

    • Drag-and-Drop: Easily drag and drop a task or multiple tasks at once into any status and move the task up or down to change the priority of the task.
    • Shift + Click to select multiple tasks at once.
    • Add Assignee, due dates, tags, or any Custom Fields to your cards to change without leaving the view.
    • Quick-Create Tasks: Click the + in the upper right corner of any column to add a task in Board view. The new task will adapt the status of the Board in which it was created.
    • Custom Views: Once you create a Board view, customize it by clicking on the ellipsis next to it and making changes.
    • Board view supports RapidViews DB. Including views caching and instant updates.

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