Search for a Whiteboard

Quickly find the Whiteboards you've created or have access to using the Command Center or Whiteboards Hub.

What you'll need

  • Whiteboards are available on every ClickUp plan.
  • The number of Whiteboards that can be created depends on your plan:
    • Free Forever: 3 Whiteboards.
    • Unlimited: 10 Whiteboards.
    • Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise: Unlimited Whiteboards.
  • Guests can use Whiteboards, but cannot create new ones.
  • If using Google Chrome, you must enable hardware acceleration.

Search for a Whiteboard

You can search for a Whiteboard using the Command Center and  Whiteboards Hub.

Command Center

To search for a Whiteboard in the Command Center:

  1. Use the shortcut Cmd + K to open the Command Center.
  2. Select the Whiteboards tab.
  3. All of the Whiteboards in your Workspace will display.
  4. You can type the Whiteboard's name into the search bar, or sort the results.
  5. Open the Whiteboard.

Whiteboards Hub

To open a Whiteboard from the Whiteboards Hub:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Whiteboards Hub, click Search Whiteboards.
  2. Command Center will open with the Whiteboards filter automatically enabled.

You can also use the Search by name... search bar in the upper-right of the Whiteboards Hub table.

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