Invite people to join your Workspace

Add people to your Workspace by inviting them as members or guests. 

  • Members are people in your organization who actively work in ClickUp. 
  • Guests are people you've invited to your Workspace by sharing specific items with them. Guests only have access to those shared items.

    On paid plans there are two types of guests, internal and external. Take a look at our article Charges for inviting members and guests for more info. 

Once someone is invited to your Workspace, you can immediately share and assign items with them, set permissions, add them to Teams, and more.

You can also publicly share various items in your Workspace to give anyone visibility to your work.

What you'll need

  • You can invite people to join a Workspace on every ClickUp plan.  
  • Charges and permissions depend on your plan type. 
  • Each paid plan includes a specific number of permission-controlled guest seats.
  • Free Forever guests always have the full permissions that are available for the items shared with them.
  • Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan Workspaces also have custom roles and custom permissions available.

Invite a member

Send one or more people an invitation to join your Workspace as a member. Guests can only be invited by sharing items. Only Workspace owners and admins can invite people from the People settings page. 

On any paid plan, you'll be charged a prorated amount based on your billing cycle each time you add a new member.

To invite a member:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar then Manage users.
  2. From the Manage people page in the Invite by email field, enter one or more email addresses.
    • To add more than one email address, use commas between the addresses. You can also copy and paste a list of comma-separated addresses or addresses on separate lines.
    • You can't upload a CSV file.
  3. From the dropdown to the right of the email field, select Member or Guest
    Screenshot of the Invite button on the Manage people page.png
  4. Click Invite.

If you are on the Free Forever Plan, there is an Invite button in the lower-right corner of your Sidebar that lets you quickly invite users:

  1. Click the Workspace dropdown and select Manage users
  2. In the Invite by email field, enter one or more email addresses.
  3. From the dropdown to the right of the email field, select Member or Guest
  4. Click Invite.

Invite a guest

You can invite guests to your Workspace by sharing specific items with them. You can also invite members this way.

You can invite people to your Workspace while sharing the following items:

To invite a guest to your Workspace:

  1. Click the ellipsis ... menu next to a List or Folder in the Sidebar or upper-right corner of a task.
  2. Select Sharing & Permissions.
  3. Type the guest's email address and click Invite.
    • If you invite an internal guest, you will be charged the same amount as adding a member. 
  4. Click the User Role dropdown and select Guest.
    Screenshot of the User Role menu in the Share this Folder modal.png
  5. Choose their permission settings on the right. On paid plans, there a four permission types:
    • View only: Read-only. Can't comment or edit.
    • Comment: Can comment. 
    • Edit: Can edit, but not delete.
    • Full: Can edit and delete.

      Permissions vary by the type of item and user role. Learn more about permissions in detail.

  6. Click Invite.
  7. The guest will receive an email shortly inviting them to join your Workspace!

Workspace owners and admins can resend or cancel invitations sent to guests!

Members can invite guests while sharing tasks, Lists, Folders, Docs, Dashboards, and Goals. They can only grant invited guests the same permissions or less.

Resend or cancel invitations

Invitations to join your Workspace never expire, but the link in the email is only valid for a short time.

If someone clicks an expired link from the email, they'll be directed to sign up for ClickUp. When they log in using the email you invited, they'll be prompted to join your Workspace.

Once you've sent an invitation, you can resend or cancel it before the invited person accepts and joins your Workspace.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Select People.
  3. From the Manage people page, choose the Full membersExternal Guests, or Internal Guests tab.
  4. From the Settings column, click the user's ellipsis ... menu.
  5. Choose to resend or cancel the pending invitation.

Screenshot of the Resend Invitation button.png

Accept the invitation in ClickUp

If the person you invite can't find the email, they can log in to ClickUp. They'll be prompted to accept the invitation. 

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