Intro to List view

List view is a required Task view provided for every Space, Folder, and List in ClickUp. It’s the most flexible view for grouping, sorting, and filtering!

This article covers grouping tasks, editing columns, using List Info, interacting with tasks, and more! We have a separate article that covers List view customization.

What you'll need

  • Unlimited List views are available on all ClickUp plans.

  • Guests can use List views in the Lists and Folders that have been shared with them.

  • Up to 5,000 tasks can load at a time in List view. Use filters to narrow your search results.

View tasks across your entire Workspace

Get a high-level overview of all tasks across your Workspace using Everything view. You can group, sort, filter, and search for tasks throughout your Workspace:

  1. Click Spaces in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Everything.

  3. Select the List view at the top of your screen.

Status progress

In List view, the status of each task is tracked by a progress icon. Click the status progress icon to change the task's status. 


Group tasks

You can group tasks to see only what you need. We have separate articles on sorting and filtering tasks.

You can group your tasks by clicking Group by in the top right corner of your Workspace. You have the option to group by the following:

When grouping by status at the Everything, Space, or Folder level, you can choose to toggle on or off the Also group by List option:

  • Toggle on: Display the Lists from that location separated into their home Lists.

  • Toggle off: Display the Lists from that location as one List.

Screenshot highlighting 'Also group by List' toggle option at the bottom of the 'group by' menu.

Tip: When changes are made to a view, a popup will appear in the lower-right providing the option to Save the view. Click Autosave view if you would like all new changes to save automatically.

Customize columns

List view columns can display a variety of helpful information from ClickApps to Custom Fields and more!

You can customize columns or use them to create new Custom Fields in any List view:

  1. Click Show or the + icon in the upper-right of your screen and select Columns.

    Screenshot highlighting the 'show' option and the 'plus sign' option to add columns in List view.
  2. Click Show/Hide to show or hide existing columns or New Column to create and add a Custom Field column.

You can also click a column header to rearrange it manually:

  • Move to start: Place the column all the way to the left.

  • Move to end: Place the column all the way to the right.

  • Hide column: The column is hidden from view.

Tip: You can also rearrange your columns by dragging and dropping them!

Convert tasks and subtasks

Drag and drop tasks and subtasks to convert them into tasks, subtasks, or nested subtasks. A colorful line indicates where the task will live in your task hierarchy.

Update tasks in bulk

Use the Bulk Action Toolbar to quickly select multiple tasks and make bulk changes in List view. You can add assignees, tags, and even archive or delete tasks.

To activate the Bulk Action Toolbar:

  1. Hover over a task and click the circle to the left of the task's name.

  2. Choose from several Bulk Action Toolbar editing options at the top of your screen.

List Info

In List view, click the ellipsis ... next to the name of any List located at the top of your screen to view the List info. You can record any relevant information about the List you're working on here, including comments, attachments, Priorities, owners, watchers, and general descriptions.


Interact with tasks

You have several options to quickly edit or preview tasks in List view:

  • Rename: Hover over a task and click the pencil icon to rename it.

  • Task description preview: Hover over the task description icon to see a preview of it.

  • Pinned image preview: You can preview pinned cover images by hovering over the image thumbnail next to the task name.



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