Intro to ClickUp 3.0

ClickUp 3.0 is our biggest release yet, featuring dozens of upgrades and improvements. Learn about the ClickUp 3.0 experience!

Workspace and account avatars

Workspace and account avatars have moved:

  • Workspace settings are now at the top of the Sidebar.
    Screenshot of Workspace settings at the top of the Sidebar.
  • Account settings are now at the top right in the toolbar
    Screenshot of Account settings at the top right in the toolbar. 

Spaces Home

With Spaces Home, you can easily view all of the available Spaces in a Workspace and join, leave, and create new Spaces.
Screenshot of Spaces previews in Spaces Home.


Use the toolbar at the top of ClickUp to find content and get work done.Screenshot of the + New button, which you can click to create a task, Doc, Chat, Reminder, or Whiteboard.

Quick Action menu

The Quick Action menu is now located in the top-right corner of the toolbar

Screenshot of the Quick Action menu expanded.png

  • Open the Quick Action menu to access several items, including your Profile, Track Time, and App Center.
  • Pin the items you use every day to the toolbar.


The Sidebar is the control center for navigating your Workspace. 
Screenshot of the Sidebar.

Sidebar 3.0 brings new features and flexibility to your Workspace, including:

  • A redesigned Home and Inbox experience.
  • Docs Hub, Whiteboards Hub, and Dashboards Hub. Hubs are a central location where you can organize, search, and create these items. 
  • The ability to show and hide Spaces. You can create a simpler Sidebar and also retain access to hidden Spaces.

Task view

Task view 3.0 has introduced several new features and design updates, including:

  • Three new task layout options: Default, Full screen, and Sidebar.
    GIF showing the three new task layout options.
  • Full-screen options for task view sections, including task description, subtasks, and assigned comments. 
  • Subtask sidebar.
  • Improved Relationships, Comments, and Activity experience.


We've redesigned the Tray!

Screenshot of the Tray in the lower-right corner of the screen after the Tray icon has been clicked.

  • Tray is in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  • You can now pin your Tray so that all of your Tray tasks display across the bottom of your screen. 


Inbox has an intuitive email-like layout that lets you communicate with your team across all tasks, Docs, Chats, and Lists from a single location. 
Screenshot showing an Inbox Important tab with two tasks.

Inbox has redesigned the notifications experience. Highlights include:

  • Notifications are bundled together by the task, Chat, or List you were notified from.
  • Inbox tabs separate your notifications into different categories.
  • Customize your Inbox layout.
  • Inbox keyboard shortcuts allow you to manage your notifications faster. 

Location Overview

Overviews provide a high-level view of Spaces and Folders, allow you to see similar items in a central location, and to make changes quickly. 

Screenshot of a location overview with the Recents, Docs, Resources, and Lists cards.

Location Overview uses customizable cards to show important information. The following cards are available: 

    • Recent: Shows any items or views you recently opened within the Space or Folder. Your most recent items appear at the top.
    • Docs: Shows any Docs attached to the Space or Folder.
    • Resources: Shows any files in the Space or Folder.
    • Folders: Shows all the Folders within a Space and is only available at the Space level.
    • Lists: Shows any Lists within the Space or Folder. You can also use this card to create a brand-new List. 


We've made many improvements to views, including the following: 

List view

We've redesigned List view!

Screenshot of List view.

With the List view redesign you can now:

  • Create tasks from the List view header. 
  • Resize Custom Fields. 
  • See descriptions and important information such as due dates, priority, and assignee on Space and Folder views. 
  • Track status progress using the status progress icon on any task. 

Views Bar

The Views Bar allows you to control any view.

Location header

The location header gives you greater control over any location in your Workspace. 

Expand the location header to add details and configure settings for your Spaces, Folders, and Lists.

Location header highlights include:

  • Use the Customize button to make changes to any view.  
  • Use the settings options to make changes to the view.
  • Use the Add task button to quickly create new tasks, Docs, Reminders, Chats, or Whiteboards.
    Screenshot of a List view location header. The settings menu, Customize button, and Add Task button are highlighted.

Show status progress

We've added a new ClickApp called Show status progress. It's great for managing linear workflows!

Tasks in Spaces that have the ClickApp enabled will track status using this new feature. Task status progress displays as a percentage in a pie chart.  

Screenshot showing the pie-chart design of the Status Progress Click App.

The progress shown in the pie chart is based on how close the task's current status is to a done or closed status. As a task's status progresses, the icon will be filled.

When a task is in multiple Lists, the status icon will display differently if a Space does not have this ClickApp enabled.  

Logic in Forms

Use rules and conditions to add dynamic logic to your Forms.
Form Logic makes it easier to create more complex and streamlined workflows directly in a view.

Docs Hub

Use the Docs Hub to organize, search, and create Docs from a centralized location!

Screenshot of the cards in Docs Hub.

Screenshot of the tabs in Docs Hub.

Docs in the Hub are organized into three cards and a table. The cards and the table have various filters and actions that you can use to manage your Docs.

Dashboards Hub

Use the Dashboards Hub to organize, search, and create Dashboards from one centralized location!

Dashboards in the Hub are organized into three cards and a table. The cards and the table have various filters and actions that you can use to manage your Dashboards.

Whiteboards Hub

Use the Whiteboards Hub to organize, search, and create Whiteboards from one centralized location!

Whiteboards in the Hub are organized into three cards and a table. The cards and the table have various filters and actions that you can use to manage your Whiteboards.


Home is your personalized hub to start your day, prioritize your work, and view your schedule.
Screenshot of Home 3.0.

The following customizable cards allow you to track tasks, Reminders, and events:

  • Recents: See items and locations you recently opened on your computer or mobile device. Click any item to open it.
  • Agenda: See scheduled tasks, reminders, and external calendar events in one place. 
  • LineUp: Identify and organize tasks you need to complete as soon as possible.
  • Assigned to me: See tasks that are assigned to you, sorted by due date. 
  • Reminders: See your Reminders sorted by due date.
  • Assigned comments: See all unresolved comments assigned to you. You can open comment threads and resolve comments from this card.
  • My Work: See your tasks and reminders in the legacy layout. 
  • Personal List: Quickly create a to-do list separate from the rest of your Hierarchy.

Custom task types

Custom task types let you use tasks to represent different types of work like clients, events, and inventory items.
Screenshot of the Custom Task Type Create Task type modal.

  • Create and manage custom task types.
  • Set a default task type for a List.
  • Filter by task type across any view.

Custom Field Manager

Owners and admins can create, find, edit, and manage all the Custom Fields in your Workspace in one place with Custom Field Manager
Screenshot of the Custom Field Manager grouped by Field type.

Streamline your workflow with Custom Field Manager features, including:

App Center

Bring all your work into ClickUp! Use App Center to connect and integrate other apps.
Screenshot of the App Center.png

Discover, connect, and manage integrations in ClickUp.

Connected Search

Use Connected Search to find your work that lives outside of ClickUp. 
Screenshot of Connected Search in Command Center (1).png

ClickUp AI

Write better and faster using ClickUp AI. Whatever your role or job function, ClickUp AI can transform the way you work! 

Screenshot of a ClickUp AI Tools modal, which will generate a product description.

Highlights of the new feature include:


You now have more flexibility in how you visualize your data with drill-down view. Read more in our Drill-down view for Dashboard cards article. 

  • You can use drill-down view to see more detail in the following cards:
    • Bar Chart
    • Battery Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Calculation
    • Total Time in Status


We've improved the accuracy and performance of three Sprint Dashboard cards! These cards are used to report on the tasks in your Sprint Folders.

The following customizations have also been added to help you manage your Sprints:

  • Sprint forecast: The amount of work your team estimates per sprint. These settings are used by our new Velocity, Burnup, and Burndown cards to calculate your team's progress.
  • You can customize the name and date settings for your Sprint Folders.


We've rebuilt Docs to improve performance, reliability, and quality! 

Improvements include:

  • We built our collaborative feature from scratch so your team can reliably work together in real time. 
  • Docs open faster.
  • Content loads instantly as you switch between pages.
  • Add watchers to Docs. Watchers are people who are notified about comments made on a Doc page. 
  • Insert a colorful badge to emphasize or call attention to a line or block of content. You can also add some rich text formatting to the text in the badge like you can in a banner. 


We've made Whiteboards faster and easier to use! 

Highlights of the performance enhancements and redesign include:

  • Whiteboards now operate 600 times faster!
  • The Whiteboard toolbar and Item menus have been redesigned.
  • New and updated templates have been added to our website's ClickUp Templates page.
  • Create a Whiteboard from several locations. 
  • Sticky notes, shapes, and text boxes automatically scale vertically to the amount of text you type.
  • Add tasks and Docs to your Whiteboard and edit them from the canvas. 
  • Easily connect Whiteboard items with snap connectors. Whiteboard_Snap Connectors_V1.gif
    • The items stay locked together as you move them unless they're disconnected.

Desktop app

We've improved the ClickUp desktop app experience!

Highlights include:

  • Enable the Detect Desktop App in My Settings to open browser links in the ClickUp desktop app. 
  • Access the Command Center from anywhere on your computer and route directly to ClickUp tasks, Docs, or third-party apps using customizable keyboard shortcuts.


Mobile 3.0 introduces new features and improvements!

Highlights include:

  • A new Task view that's easier to use, faster, and includes several new features.
  • Improved comment replying performance for Inbox, Task view, and push notifications.
  • New attachment viewer that supports more file types and image comments.
  • New Inbox experience for improved organization and action-taking.
    • View notifications without a connection.
  • New Doc, task description, and Notepad experience.
  • New customizable Home experience that uses personalized cards. 
  • Set your default launch page to Home, your Inbox, or a specific List.
  • Access items that you recently opened on the computer or mobile.
  • Access Tray.

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