Delegate reminders

ClickUp Reminders are the perfect way to delegate quick action items to others without creating a new task.

What you'll need

  • Reminders can be delegated on the Unlimited Plan and above.

  • Guests can create reminders, but not delegate them.

Delegate a reminder

When you create a new reminder, it is automatically assigned to you. You can choose to delegate it by changing the assignee.

To do so, click on your avatar and select someone from the Delegate reminder options.


Screenshot of the option to delegate a Reminder.

Delegated tab

To see reminders you have delegated to others, click the Delegated tab under the My Work section of your Home or Profile.

Hover over any reminder in this section to make changes.

You can only see reminders on people's Profiles that you have personally delegated. Reminders are private in nature, so you aren't able to see reminders people create for themselves or reminders that other people have delegated to them.


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