Create a Task

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Creating a task in ClickUp is simple. You can create new tasks from scratch, or save yourself time by using task templates

Create a task

Just click the + Task button in the lower right corner of your screen (shortcut: t) to get started:

Screenshot of the create task button in the lower right of ClickUp Workspaces.

What you can add to tasks

Mandatory Task Elements

  • Select the Space, List, and Folder that your task will be located in by clicking on the drop-down menu below the task title. Optionally, save time by choosing the List from your saved Favorites or even create a new Favorite from this menu

  • Give your task a name

Optional Task Elements

  • Click the status box  to view a dropdown of your Status options. If you do not select a status, your task will simply remain in the Open  status

Screenshot of task status menu dropdown.
  • Select the circular profile icon to add assignees to your task. You can also change or remove assignees by clicking on this icon

  • Add watchers to your task by selecting the eye icon on the bottom. Watchers are not assigned to the task, but will be notified of any and all changes within the task

  • Click on the calendar icon to add a due date to your task. 

  • Let your Workspace know the Priority of this task by clicking on the flag. You may classify your task as urgent, high, normal, or low priority

  • Attach custom tags by clicking the tag symbol to clearly define your task's purpose

  • Clicking the hourglass symbol will allow you to set a time estimate for your task

  • Add dependencies to existing tasks in your Workspace with the "Dependencies" button

  • Add a task description in the text box, and take advantage of rich text editing options

  • Click Add Subtask to include smaller action items you'll need to complete within the task

  • Click Add Checklist to start up a new checklist for this task or add one from a template

  • Drag-and-drop or add attachments directly at the bottom of your task. You'll have the ability to rename, view fullscreen, download, delete, or sort any attachment you add

  • Set this task to recur! Recurring tasks repeat on a schedule or a trigger. 

  • Add any custom field details into your task before creating!

  • Embed a List view into the task description using /list 

  • Add comments to the task description from the ...  menu of the comment - great for keeping everyone on the same page when the scope of a task changes in the chat!

  • Add a task to multiple Lists to create instances of it across different locations.

Save Drafts

Need to save an incomplete task draft for later? Just click the icon as shown below to minimize it for later.

Screenshot of the minimize icon on the task.

Create Tasks Options

Once you've finished drafting your task, there are a few actions you can take:

Screenshot of the apply template icon in the task.

  1. Create and open: Create the task and then immediately open it

  2. Create and start another: Create the task and then immediately populate a blank new task

  3. Create and duplicate:  Create the task and then populate another task with the same information

Create from a template

  1. Create a new task

  2. Browse the bottom for the Templates button

  3. Choose to immediately create or load the template into your draft

Pro Tips

  • Create templates for your most popular tasks for later use! 

  • Press T on your keyboard to quickly create a task.

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