Create recurring tasks

Use recurring tasks to set repeating schedules for work that needs to be completed frequently so tasks don't need to be created manually each time. 

What you'll need

  • Recurring tasks are available on every ClickUp plan. 
  • Everyone, including guests, can create recurring tasks.

Create a recurring task

To create a recurring task:

  1. Open a task or create a new one.
  2. Click the due date icon. 
  3. In the lower-left, click Set recurring. 
  4. Click a date on the calendar or enter a due date in the Due date field.
    • You can set due dates using natural language. Type in your desired schedule in the due date section of the recurrence menu. 

  5. Optional: Set a start date for your recurring task in the Start date field.
    • The start date will be automatically moved during recurrence to ensure that it is always the same length from the due date.

  6. Choose your recurrence schedule. Scheduling options include:
    • Daily: The task will recur every day with the option to skip weekends.
    • Weekly: Recurs once a week on the day you choose.
    • Monthly: Recurs on the same day each month that you've chosen, a select weekday of the month, the 1st of the month, or the last calendar date in the month. 
    • Yearly: Recurs once a year on the day you choose.
    • Days after: Recurs a certain number of days after the task has been marked complete.
    • Custom: Indicate if the task should repeat every few days, select days in the week, select weeks in the month, or select days of the year.
  7. Choose when the task should recur.:
    • When closed: The task will recur when it moves to a closed status. 
    • When done: The task will recur when it moves to a done status. 
    • On schedule: The task will recur when in not started or active statuses.

      Tasks set to recur On schedule that are marked as Done or Closed before their due date create the next occurrence immediately. 

  8. Choose whether to create a new task or not:
    • Everything
    • Description
    • Attachments
    • Comment Attachments 
    • Subtasks
    • Remap Subtask Dates
    • Assignees
    • Subtasks Assignees
    • Watchers
    • Tags
    • Checklists
    • Custom Fields
    • Comments
    • Activity
    • Only Assigned Comments
    • Create new task checked: Duplicate the recurring task as a brand new task in your Workspace with a choice to carry over the following information from the previous task:
    • Create a new task unchecked: A new task will not be created upon recurrence and the current and completed activity, subtasks, checklists, and assigned comments, will be retained on the task.
  9. Select a recurrence length:
    • Recur forever: The recurrence will continue indefinitely.
    • Repeat: Set how many times this task will recur.
    • End on: Set a final date for the recurrence to happen.
  10. Choose which status the task will inherit when it recurs by checking the Update status to box. 
  11. Click Save to create your recurring task.

Use legacy recurring

If you need to set up a more customized recurrence schedule, our legacy recurring options are available.

Legacy recurring options can only be managed from the web or desktop app.


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