Attachments in Tasks

We get it—sometimes you just need to quickly reference an attachment while adding a comment. We've got you covered!

There are two ways of adding attachments in Task view:

Showing how an attachment can be added as a comment.

Left side: Attach to task

Dropping files on the left side uploads them to the task as normal. Attachments uploaded on the left side will only be visible in the 'Attachments' section (left side) of the task. 

Showing how to add an attachment to a task.

Note that you also can click the 'Browse' link in addition to dragging and dropping to upload files. 

Right side: Attach to comment (and task)

Alternatively, dropping files on the right side inserts them into the comment editor. Here, you can comment about the attachment (or anything you want).

Showing how to attach a file as a comment.

Your attachments in comments will still appear in the main 'Attachments' section on the left side of a task. After you post the comment, you'll see your comment with your attachment(s) in it!
At ClickUp, 90% of the time we attach files to comments directly. This allows you to add detail and context to the file, rather than just posting it in the task where it can get lost in the conversation.

You can also click the 'Attachments' (paperclip) icon to add files to comments.  

Custom Field Attachments

With the Files custom field, add and organize files directly from a List view. Attach one or multiple files to a single column, or create multiple columns to fit your workflow! 

Example of the files custom field.

Note: To delete an attachment in a task, hover over it and click the x. Attachments that are individually deleted cannot be restored.

Close-up of an attachment in a task.

Other cool things you can do

Cloud Storage Attachments

You can easily attach Google Drive and Dropbox files to your Task by clicking "Add" next to the Attachments section!

Showing the attachment section in a task.

Attach files into comments by clicking on the corresponding attachment symbol next to the Comment button.

Close up of where to attach cloud storage attachment.

Keep in mind that the Cloud Storage feature is available only for paid plans.

Download All Attachments

Want to grab multiple files without downloading them each individually? Download all your task attachments into a neatly zipped file for easy sharing.

Showing how to download all attachments in a task.

Rename attachments 

Use the pencil icon on an attachment thumbnail or even in the comment editor to quickly change the name of an attached file.

Delete attachments

Delete attachments in tasks, Docs, and the Notepad.

Preview Attachments

You can preview all sorts of uploads directly from your ClickUp task, including docs, pdf, images, videos, and gifs!

You can also delete attachments by clicking on the trash icon while previewing. Attachments that are individually deleted cannot be restored.

Video attachments

Preview video attachments by clicking on the video or the play button. Speed up or slow down the video using the playback speed options, ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x speed!

This is really cool because all files stored in ClickUp can be shared externally by copying the link to the file. By default, the link never expires and contacts can download the files from the link directly!

Screenshot showing the copy URL icon for an attachment

Private attachments

We make it easier than ever to provide your attachments with an extra layer of security with just one click! By enabling this feature, all attachment links will automatically expire an hour after the link has been generated.

New links to an attachment will be generated each time that a task has been opened or exported to ensure that no unwanted links remain accessible after your work is complete.

Admins and Owners can make attachments private for a Workspace by:

  1. Clicking on their Avatar

  2. Clicking on Security & Permissions

  3. Toggling on Private Attachments

Note: Setting attachments as private only applies to new attachments added after the feature has been turned on.

Zoom in on attachments

Click on the + or - symbols in preview mode to zoom in or out on the attachment. Or, use the + or - keys on your keyboard!

Showing how to Zoom in on attachments.


Centralize feedback and expedite approval processes with Proofing by assigning comments directly to task attachments!

Showing how proofing works in ClickUp.

Note: The max size of a file you can attach to a task is 1GB. If you need to upload a file larger than 1GB you may want to consider using one of our Cloud Storage Options which you can read about here.


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