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You can apply any number of tags to tasks in your Workspace to colorfully identify and quickly categorize tasks.

The beauty of task tags is that they're completely customizable.

Tags shine when you need to group, view, or manage related tasks that don't have a strict status, location, or Custom Fields in your Workspace.

For example, you could use tags to mark tasks with a recurring schedule: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Tip: Check out more examples of how other people use tags in ClickUp to organize their tasks.

What you'll need

  • Task tags are available on every ClickUp Plan

  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Tags ClickApp

  • Workspace owners and admins can give individual guests permission to add or remove task and Doc tags

  • Guests can't create, edit, or delete tags

Enable the Tags ClickApp

Task tags live at the Space level of the ClickUp hierarchy.

If you move a task with a tag to a Space that doesn't yet have that tag, then the new Space will automatically inherit that tag.

You can enable the Tags ClickApp for all Spaces, or individual Spaces.

Note: You must be a Workspace owner or admin to manage ClickApps.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Browse or search for the Tags ClickApp

  4. Click on the Tags ClickApp to enable it on all Spaces

  5. Uncheck any Spaces that do not need Tags

Enable the Tags ClickApp for individual Spaces

You can also enable the Tags ClickApp for an individual Space.

  1. Click the Space Settings ellipsis in the Sidebar

  2. Select More then ClickApps

  3. Click Tags to select the ClickApp

  4. Click Save to enable Tags for this Space

Grant individual guests access to Tags

Workspace owners and admins can give individual guests access to tags.

To set individual guest permissions:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner

  2. Select People

  3. Click the Guests tab

  4. Click the tags icon to enable and disable them for each guest

Screenshot of the guests tab of the people settings page highlighting the individual guest permissions available.

Create and apply tags to tasks

The quickest way to create and apply tags is right from a task!

  1. Open a task

  2. Click the tags icon

  3. Type the name of your new tag

  4. Press Enter or Return to create a new tag
    Tip: The tag color will be randomly selected for new tags

  5. Newly created tags are automatically applied to the task

Screenshot of a new task tag being created.

Add tags to tasks in views

You can also create and apply tags from views.

List View: Hover over a task and click the tag icon to create or search for tags.

Board View: Hover over a task in Board View to see the tag icon appear. Click the tag icon to create, add, edit, remove, or delete tags.

Table view: Add the Tags column to a Table view to create, add, edit, remove, or delete tags.

Remove tags from tasks

Removing a tag means untagging a task. The tag will still be applied on any other tasks and available within the Space.

You can remove existing tags from individual tasks.

  1. Open a task

  2. Hover over an existing tag

  3. Click the red x to remove each tag from the task

Screenshot of a task tag highlighting the button to remove a tag.

Bulk add or remove tags

You can use the Bulk Action Toolbar to bulk apply and remove tags.

  1. Select one or more tasks in a view

  2. Click on the tags icon on the Multitask Toolbar

  3. Send notifications by checking the Send notifications checkbox

  4. Create new tags or search for existing tags
    Tip: Creating a new tag automatically applies it to any selected tasks

  5. To apply tags:

    1. Click an existing tag to apply it to the selected tasks.

  6. To remove tags:

    1. Hover over any applied tags shown above the list of available tags.

    2. Click the x icon to remove it.

  7. Your tasks will be updated immediately!

Edit tags

You can rename, change tag colors, or delete tags. The changes you make will affect all the tasks throughout that Space.

You can open the tag settings menu by clicking the ellipsis on an applied tag.

Screenshot of a task tag highlighting the ellipsis.

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