Manage task watchers

Watchers are users who are notified when changes are made to a task.

The difference between watchers and assignees is watchers are not meant to complete any items within a task. Assignees are automatically made watchers on the tasks they're assigned to.

What you'll need

  • Users can be made watchers on every plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, can watch tasks.

  • Everyone, including guests with Edit or Full permissions, can add or remove watchers.

Watch a task

When viewing a task, click the eye icon on the upper-right and click your avatar to start watching.

Certain actions will automatically make you a watcher:

  • When you're mentioned in a task.

  • When a task is assigned to you.

  • When you edit a task name or description.

  • When you comment on a task.

  • When a task comment is assigned to you.

  • When you create a new task.

  • When you or someone else manually adds you as a watcher using the eye icon.

  • When you are added as a watcher by Automations.

  • When you change a task's due date. 
  • When you change a task's status. 
  • When you change a task's priority. 

This list is not exhaustive. 

Manage task watchers

You can add or remove people and Teams as watchers by clicking a task's eye icon. Use the search bar or scroll to find users, then click on their avatar to add or remove them.

Watchers can be identified by their highlighted avatars. You'll also see the last time a watcher viewed the task directly under their name.

Screenshot showing several watchers and the times they last viewed a task.

Other places you can manage watchers

There are a few additional places you can manage watchers:

  • Notifications: Click the eye icon on task notifications to add or remove yourself as a watcher.
    Note: You can edit your Notification settings for tasks you create or subtasks created in tasks you're watching.

  • + Task button: Click the eye icon when quick-creating tasks to add watchers.

    Screenshot highlighting the watcher icon in the the 'quick create task' modal.
  • Bulk Action Toolbar: Add or remove watchers in bulk using the Bulk Action Toolbar.

    • Tip: If you only want to remove one user (or yourself) as a watcher from multiple tasks, select all the tasks, click the watcher icon in the Bulk Action Toolbar, then click the user's avatar twice.


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