Whiteboards overview

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Whiteboards are built for collaboration. Create Whiteboards to track your sprint planning, brainstorm marketing collateral concepts, or to help remote students work together.

Whiteboards are the fastest way to collaborate with your team and bridge the gap between brainstorming and getting work done.

GIF showing a Whiteboard in action.

What you'll need

  • Whiteboards are available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • The number of Whiteboards that can be created depends on your Plan:

    • Free Forever: 3 Whiteboards

    • Unlimited: 10 Whiteboards

    • Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise: no limit

    • Guests can use Whiteboards.

  • If using Google Chrome, we recommend enabling hardware acceleration.

Key Features

Create and access Whiteboards

Whiteboards are collaborative work areas you can add at the Everything, Space, Folder, or List level as views. The quickest way to create a new Whiteboard is through the Sidebar! This will create a new List called Whiteboard and set the Whiteboard as the default view. 
Screenshot of a Whiteboard created from the Sidebar as a List.

Create a Whiteboard from a template

Choose from several premade Whiteboards using our template modal or the template button in the Whiteboard toolbar.

Screenshot of the Whiteboards Template modal.

Create a Whiteboards Mind Map

Use Mind Map to easily break down complex ideas for project management, business strategy planning, software product development, and more!


Add objects to Whiteboards

Objects are the building blocks of a Whiteboard. Directly connect your ideas to your work by converting shapes, sticky notes, or text into a task! Or add existing tasks to your Whiteboard. You can also:

  • Draw

  • Add connectors

  • Add a website card

  • Upload an image file

  • Copy and paste objects

Screenshot of adding ClickUp objects to a Whiteboard.

Customize Whiteboard objects

Change colors, sizes, and connector types. Copy, delete, or arrange an object in relation to the other objects on your Whiteboard. Add rich text formatting. Insert links, lists, and more!

Screenshot showing how to customize color and more on a Whiteboard drawing.

Connect and align Whiteboard objects

Whiteboard connectors are lines and arrows used to create relationships between objects. Customize your connectors with the Object menu. Neatly align your objects with Smart Alignment Guidelines.

Screenshot showing text on object connectors.

Use /Slash Commands to format Whiteboard objects

Format your Whiteboard text with elements that stand out, like banners, headings, highlights, and code blocks. Insert buttons and dividers to add style.

Screenshot showing the prompt to use /Slash Commands to quickly add text to an object.

Save clicks with Whiteboards keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys

You can also @mention people, tasks, and Docs.

Enable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

Hardware Acceleration makes Whiteboards faster!


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