Intro to templates

Browse the Template Center to find a pre-made template or create templates from your most frequently-used items.

This article covers templates that can be found in the Template Center. You can also create templates for statuses, emails, and Automations.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every plan.
  • Guests can access Doc, task, view, checklist, and Whiteboard templates.

Create a template

Save tasks, Docs, and views as templates to apply an established format to new Workspace items.

Use the Template Center

The Template Center is a library of both pre-made templates and templates you've saved! You can also find templates created by members of your Workspace or the ClickUp community.

Screenshot of Template Center.

Customize a template

Customize an existing template to keep your workflows current.

Organize templates

Create and apply tags to organize your templates. You can filter the Template Center by tags to find a specific template.

Screenshot of someone adding a template tag in the Template Center.

You can also filter templates by department or creator. In the upper-right corner of the Template Center, click the Departments or Create By dropdown to filter.

Add a preview image to a template

You can add preview images to templates that are in your Template Center library to give your teammates a clue about the template's use case.

To add a preview image:

  1. Open a template.
  2. Click browse and select a file or drag and drop a file into the preview area.

Screenshot of someone adding a preview image to a template in the Template Center.

Set a default task template for a List

Automatically apply a template to all new tasks created in a List.

Remap dates when applying templates

When you create a Space, Folder, or List template, you can choose to save their tasks' start and due dates when setting the template Import options.

When you apply the template, you can choose to use the original task start and due dates or remap them. Instead of manually updating every task, all your tasks will be updated when the template is applied.

Remap subtask due dates

Enable the Remap Subtask Due Dates ClickApp to automatically change subtask due dates by the same amount their parent task is changed.

For example, if you move the parent task due date back five days, all subtask dates will also be moved back five days.

Share templates

Templates can be kept private or shared with others inside or outside of your Workspace.

Template Center Activity Log

View the templates you have created, merged, and applied in your Workspace.

Templates are merged when applied to an existing task.

Screenshot of the Template Center Activity Log.

To access the Activity log, from the Template Center:

  1. In the left sidebar, click Activity Log.
  2. Browse the templates you've created, merged, and applied throughout your Workspace.

To find specific template activity, from the Activity Log:

  • Click the column headings to sort template activity.
  • Search for specific templates using the Filter at the top right.

To troubleshoot templates using the Activity Log:

  • Hover over error in the status column to see why the template wasn't created, merged, or applied.
  • Hover over the date & time value for each item in the Activity Log to see how long it took to create, merge, or apply the template.
    • The first timestamp is when the activity started, and the second timestamp is when the activity was completed.

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