Inbox 3.0 overview

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Inbox 3.0 lets you communicate with your team across all tasks, Docs, chats, and Lists from a single Inbox, and puts your work side-by-side with notifications. 

The Inbox is specific to each Workspace, so you'll only see updates about the Workspace you're actively working in.

What you'll need

  • Everyone, including guests, can use the Inbox.

New notifications

When you receive new notifications, you'll see a badge with the number of new unread message notifications in the Sidebar. 

Image showing the new notification indicator in the sidebar

In the Inbox, notifications are shown in the order received, with the most recent at the top. Click the task name on any notification to open the task in fullscreen mode.

Use Inbox 3.0 tabs

The Inbox is separated into two tabs found at the top of the screen: Messages and Activity. 

Image showing the Inbox tabs


On this tab, you'll see notifications for any comments left on tasks that you are watching or where you've been @mentioned, Chat views, Chat widgets, or List info. You'll also get notifications for @mentions on Doc pages.

If a notification group includes both activity and a message, it will appear in the Messages tab. 


On this tab, you'll see notifications for any changes made to tasks where you are a watcher or when a Doc, List, or Folder is shared with you. The types of task activity include:

    • Newly created tasks
    • Task status changes 
    • Assignee changes
    • Likes or other comment reactions
    • Task name changes
    • New subtasks
    • Custom Field changes

You can customize the types of notifications you receive on the notification settings page. 

Filter notifications 

Use the icons in the upper-right to filter the notifications in your Inbox.

  • Assigned to me: Show only tasks or comments assigned to you.
  • @Mentions: Show only tasks or locations where you've been mentioned.

Control notifications

You can expand each notification group in your Inbox to see more information. 

Image of an expanded notification

With the notification group expanded, you can control it using the buttons on the right: 

  • Mark as read/unread: Mark the notification as read or unread. 
  • Stop receiving notifications: Add or remove yourself as a watcher on the task. Available for tasks only. 
  • Add to/Remove from Tray: Add the task to your Tray or remove it. Available for tasks and Docs only. 
  • Clear: Clear the notification from your Inbox. 

With a notification group expanded, you can also manage comments including:

Clearing notifications

To remove a notification group from the Inbox, click the Clear button on the right side. Removing a notification group moves it to the Cleared page.

Image of the Clear button on a notification group

To clear notifications in bulk, click on the ellipsis ... in the upper right and choose Clear messages or Clear activity. 

View cleared notifications

You can view cleared notifications using the Cleared page. Open the cleared page by clicking on the Inbox dropdown in the upper left corner and choose Cleared. 

Image showing the Cleared tab in the Inbox

To move a cleared notification back to the Inbox: 

  1. Find the notification you want to unclear.
  2. Hover over the notification or open it and click the Unclear button
  3. The notification will be moved back to the Inbox page in the order it was originally received.

Cleared notifications will remain on the cleared page for 30 days before being permanently removed. 

Inbox settings 

Access the Inbox settings by clicking the settings ellipsis ... in the upper right. In the settings menu, you'll see the following options:

  • Fullscreen mode: Open notifications in fullscreen mode automatically. 
  • Auto open sidebar: Open notifications in the right sidebar automatically. 
  • Clear messages/activity: Clear all notifications from whichever tab you're currently on. For example, if you're on the Messages tab, only notifications there will be cleared.

Clearing all notifications will recognize any applied filter. Only notifications that match the filter will be cleared. 

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Open the keyboard hotkeys for the Inbox. 
  • Notification Settings: Open the notifications settings for the Workspace. 
  • Switch to Legacy notifications: Switch back to legacy notifications for your account. By default, Inbox 3.0 will be enabled for your account. 

Use keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts in your Inbox to quickly navigate or make changes like clearing notifications. The following shortcuts are available while using Inbox 3.0: 



Go to Messages

Shift + M

Go to Activity

Shift + A

Toggle assigned filter

Shift + 1

Toggle @mentions filter

Shift + 2

Open/close notification

Enter OR O

Close notification


Next notification

J OR ↓

Previous notification

K OR ↑

Jump to top

Shift + ↑

Clear/unclear notification


Clear all notifications

Shift + E

Watch/stop watching


Add/remove from Tray

Shift + T



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