Import to ClickUp

Easily bring your work into ClickUp!

What you'll need

  • Unlimited imports are available on all ClickUp plans.

  • Guests cannot import data into a Workspace.

  • On the Enterprise Plan, members with the Importing custom permission can import.
  • You'll need to use our web app to import your work.

Import from popular apps

You can easily import your work from the following apps:

Import using a data file

You can also import your work into ClickUp using a data file.


You can import the following file types where your data contains any number of columns and only 1 record per row:

  • Excel: .xls, .xlsx

  • Comma-separated values (CSV): .csv

  • Tab-separated values (TSV): .tsv

  • XML: .xml

  • Text: .txt

There's a three-step process to bring your work into ClickUp:

  1. Prepare your data file.

  2. Know which fields you want to use in ClickUp.

  3. Import your data file.

Import your tasks into ClickUp

You can import tasks directly into your Workspace using the import feature. When you import tasks, a new List is created where all of the imported tasks are sent.

  1. Go to the Import/Export page.
  2. In the upper-left corner click your Workspace avatar and select Settings.
  3. Select Import/Export.
  4. Click Start Import.
  5. Choose the app to import from, or pick Excel & CSV to import a data file.
  6. Follow the steps to bring your work into ClickUp.

    You cannot apply existing Custom Fields to imported tasks.

View import reports

Once an import has been completed, you can review an import report which includes files with items that were duplicated, failed to import, or were not imported.

If you notice issues with your import, follow the steps in our troubleshooting guide.

Delete an import

You can delete any imports created in the last 10 days. When you delete an import, all items created by the import will be deleted. After 10 days, items will need to be deleted from your Spaces individually, or using the Bulk Action Toolbar.

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