Intro to Profiles

Profiles give you a window into everyone's activity. You can add reminders, delegate responsibility, and track progress.

What you'll need

Open a Profile

You can access your own or someone else's profile. Click an avatar or an @mention in any location you see them, including:

To open a Profile:

  1. Hover over an @mention or avatar.

  2. Click View profile.
    Screenshot of the View profile button displayed while hovering over an @mention.

Switch Profiles

When you click an avatar, a menu of the people in your Workspace displays. From this people menu, you can quickly switch Profiles. 

To switch Profiles: 

  1. From a task's Assigned to field or a People Custom Field, click someone's avatar. 
  2. From the people menu, hover over an avatar and click Profile
    Screenshot of hovering over an avatar to open the People menu.

See who's ClickUp Verified

Become ClickUp Verified as a power user, social ambassador, or ClickUp Consultant and we'll add the official Verified Check to your Profile!

Screenshot of the ClickUp verified emblem next to someone's username.

Take a look at our website for more information about the Verified program.

View Profile details

At the very top of everyone's Profile is the information you need to know about the people on your team.

Online/Last Online Status

  • When you're looking at someone's Profile, you can see if they are online now, or the last time they were online.

This feature is available when the Who's Online ClickApp is enabled.


  • Title descriptions are editable by the person whose profile you're viewing or a Workplace admin.

  • It's the perfect place to add a role, location, or something clever.
    Make sure to add your role if you want to find role-specific content with the ClickUp AI feature Workspace Q&A

Email address

  • View and copy the person's email address so you can contact them outside of ClickUp.

Local timezone


  • View the Teams the person belongs to.

  • Hover over a Team's avatar to see the full name.

Explore Profile sections

Four sections provide you with detailed information about what each person is working on:


The following features are part of the Activity section:

  • LineUp™️: see other people's to-do lists, add tasks to let your team know what to work on next

  • Trending tasks: see the most active, recent tasks based on viewing, commenting, and editing

  • Activity: Search, filter, or browse through a person's recent activity

This feature is available when the Pulse ClickApp is enabled. 

My Work

The My Work card has the following three categories:

To do: Where people should generally work from as far as their priority is concerned. To do contains both tasks and reminders that start or are due today and earlier. It's also the perfect place to manage tasks in and outside of work by adding reminders.

Done: Tasks and reminders that have been completed. Tasks in a done status count as completed as well.

Delegated: Reminders delegated to other people.

Screenshot highlighting the Activity tab in a user's profile.

You can also view My Work in Home!


  • Tasks: Unscheduled tasks that have been assigned to the person.

  • Comments: View and follow up on anyone's unresolved assigned comments.

Any assigned comments in Chat view will not show in Profiles at this time. Take a look this feedback board if you'd like to see this added as a feature.

Screenshot highlighting the 'tasks' and 'comments' tabs in a user profile.


Click the Calendar tab to view a person's scheduled tasks and Google Calendar events just like the Calendar tab in Home!

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