Assigned Comments

Assigned comments allow you to create an action item directly within any comment. This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be closed.

Assign a comment

Click the Assign icon when commenting to easily assign a new comment to anyone in your Workspace. You can hover over an existing comment to assign it. 

Assigning a comment will:

  • Notify the person that you assigned a comment

  • Display an unresolved comment in their subtasks, tasks lists, as well as Team view.

Just like a parent comment, you can also assign threaded replies.

Resolve a comment

Click the Resolve checkbox after you’ve completed the required action. The name of the person who resolved the comment will appear next to the checkmark.

Screenshot of an assiged comment.png

This action also notifies the user that issued the assignment that the comment has been resolved.

To see the day/time the assigned comment was resolved, just hover over it. 

View assigned comments

You'll find the assigned comments icon in all views to indicate your unresolved assigned comments. Just click on an icon to scroll through assigned comments for that task.


You can find your assigned comments on the Assigned Comments card. 

List view

Identify how many unresolved assigned comments exist in a task with the Assigned Comments Custom Field column. Learn how to add this column to your List view

Board view


Team view

Team view allows you to see what your team is working on, what they've accomplished, and what their capacity is.


View assigned comments in individual profiles under the 'Comments' section in the Assigned tab.

Task view

Assigned comments will be displayed on the right side of each task in the comment thread.

They will also be listed in the To-Do section of the task, just below the subtasks.

Need to track down an assigned comment buried in your task's comment thread? Just click on an assigned comment in your task's To Do section, and your comment thread will automatically jump to where the assigned comment was added. 


When viewing a task, see any assigned comments you have in the subtasks with the icon on the right side. Click the icon to view what the assigned comment says without having to click into the subtask itself.


Select any text in your Doc to turn it into an assigned comment. Once a comment is added, any replies will be threaded within the Doc. Keep track of all of your assigned comments in Docs by looking in the Assigned to me section of your Docs Home.

You can link a Doc to a task by typing /Docinto the comments field, or by adding it as a Relationship.

After a Doc is linked to a task, you can see your assigned comments from the linked Doc. From the comment section, you can click the embedded Doc to see your assigned comments within the Doc.

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