Use Done statuses

Use Done statuses when you need to keep an eye on a task after your team's work is complete.

For example, all engineering is complete on a sprint task but marketing and technical writing teams still need access to it. If the status is marked as Complete, the task is automatically hidden from most views. Using a Done status instead will keep the task visible!

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Video overview

Watch the following ClickTip video on Done statuses!

Done statuses

Done statuses are especially useful for tasks worked on by several different teams:

  • No overdue notifications: Tasks will not give you a notification when reaching a start or due date.

  • Unblock Dependencies: Waiting on Dependencies will be cleared when a blocking task is moved to a done status.

  • Tasks in Goals will count as complete.

  • Tasks in Portfolio Lists will count as complete.

  • Tasks in your Home will count as complete.

Create and apply Done statuses

Once you figure out what step(s) are necessary for a task to be set as Complete and archived, you're ready to create one or more Done statuses.

  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to the Space, Folder, or List.

  2. Select Settings, then select Statuses.

  3. From the Statuses modal, select Custom.

  4. Click the Add Status button.

    • All statuses are added by clicking Add Status.

    • By default custom statuses are Active.

  5. Type a name for your new status.

    • You can use the color picker to change the default color.

    • You can click the dropper icon for even more color options!

  6. From Active, you can drag any custom statuses to Done.

  7. Click Save.


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