Intro to mobile tasks

Work on tasks from anywhere with the ClickUp mobile app!

Tasks are separated into the Details tab and Activity tab. See and edit task information from the Details tab or view and post comments from the Activity tab.

This article outlines task view on mobile. Learn how to create tasks and subtasks on mobile.

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What you'll need

Task breadcrumbs

See the exact Hierarchy location of your tasks on mobile!

When you open a task on mobile, you'll see its Space, Folder, and List location above its name.

Screenshot of location breadcrumbs next to a task name in mobile 3.0.png

To navigate to a Space, Folder, or List in the breadcrumbs, tap its name.

To see the full name of any Space, Folder, or List in the breadcrumbs, tap and hold its name.

If the task lives in multiple Lists, you can see additional Lists by tapping the + icon to the right of the breadcrumbs.

If you have the Tasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp enabled, you can add a task to another List.

To add the task to another List:

  1. To the right of the task breadcrumbs, tap the + icon.
  2. Use the modal to search for a List.
  3. Tap a List name to add the task.

Task details

Quickly locate important task information like assignees, Priority, due date, and more!

When you open a task on mobile, you'll be in the Details tab by default.

You can edit several task details, depending on which ClickApps are enabled in your Workspace.

Screenshot of task details in clickup mobile 3.0.png

Task details

You'll find important task details directly under the task name.

Detail Description
Task type Tap the task type to change it.

Tap the task's current status to update it.

You can also swipe the status from right to left to move it to Closed.

Assignees Tap the Add assignee button or the current assignee's avatar to add or edit assignees.
Priority Tap the Add priority button or the current Priority flag to add or edit the task's Priority.
Dates Tap the Add dates button or existing start or due date to add or edit start and due dates.
Tags Tap the Add tags button or any existing tag to add, create, or remove tags.
Time estimate View the time estimate for the task. Time estimates cannot be updated on mobile.
Time tracking View the time tracked for the task. Time tracked cannot be updated on mobile.
Sprint points View the task's Sprint Points. Sprint Points cannot be updated on mobile.

Track time

Learn how to track time on the mobile app.


See a preview of the task description.

To open it in fullscreen, tap anywhere on the description. In fullscreen, you can edit the task description by clicking the pencil icon in the lower-right corner.


See or create subtasks.

To add a new subtask, click + Add subtask at the bottom.

To open it in fullscreen, tap the Subtasks header. In fullscreen, you create new subtasks or filter existing subtasks by the following:

  • Open: All subtasks in an Open status.
  • Resolved: All subtasks in a Done or Closed status.
  • All: All subtasks in Open, Done, and Closed statuses.

Screenshot of several subtasks in fullscreen.

Custom Fields

See or update Custom Fields. Pinned Custom Fields are always displayed first.

The Custom Fields section only displays if the task has one or more Custom Fields.

Tap a Custom Field to update it.

Location and Formula Custom Fields cannot be edited on mobile.

To open all of the task's Custom Fields in fullscreen, tap the Custom Fields header. In fullscreen, you can search or update fields.


See or create checklists. The number of resolved and total items are shown below each checklist name.

To create a new checklist:

  1. Tap + Add checklist.
  2. Tap the checklist to add items to it.

By default, new checklists are named Checklist. To rename it:

  1. Tap the checklist to open it in fullscreen.
  2. At the top, tap Checklist.
  3. Rename the checklist.

Screenshot of someone editing a checklist name in Task view 3.0.

To see all of the task's checklists in fullscreen, tap the Checklists header.

Screenshot highlighting the Checklists section in Task view 3.0.

In fullscreen, you can swipe through all the task's checklists, create new checklists, add checklist items, and complete checklist items.


See or upload attachments.

To upload an attachment:

  1. Tap + Upload attachment.
  2. Select one or more files.
  3. Tap Use selected.

To see all of the task's attachments in fullscreen, tap the Attachments header. In fullscreen, you can search or upload attachments.

To view attachments as icons instead of a list, tap the icon button in the upper-right corner.


See, add, and remove task Relationships. To see all of the task's Relationships categorized by type, tap the Relationships header. Tap any related task or Doc to open it.

To add a Relationship:

  1. At the bottom of the task, tap the Relationships header.
  2. Under the type of Relationship you want to add, tap Add item or Add Task.
  3. Search or browse for a task or Doc. You can use the filters at the top to narrow your search results.
  4. Tap the item to add it as a Relationship.

To remove a Relationship:

  1. At the bottom of the task, tap the Relationships header.
  2. Tap and hold the Relationship you want to remove.

    To copy the URL of a Relationship, tap Copy URL.

  3. Tap Unlink task or Remove 2 way link.


See task comments and activity history.

You can only leave threaded comments if the Threaded Comments ClickApp is enabled.

To access comments and activity history in Task view, tap the Activity tab at the top.

Use ClickUp AI to summarize threads.

Interact with comments

You can reply to, react to, assign, copy or delete comments from the Activity tab.

To reply to a comment:

  1. Tap the comment.
  2. At the bottom, tap Reply to this thread.
  3. Type your comment.
    • You add attachments, Voice Clips, mention others, or assign the comment while drafting it. 
  4. Tap the send icon.

Tap and hold a comment to see the following options:

  • React: Swipe through emoji options and tap on any to react to the comment. See who reacted with which emoji by tapping and holding existing reactions.
  • Assign: Assign the comment to another user or yourself.
  • Copy URL: Copy the URL of the comment to your clipboard.
  • Delete: Delete the comment. Only the comment author can delete it.

Screenshot of someone tapping and holding a comment.png

Task options

There are several additional actions you can take from the Task options menu.

To open the Task options menu on mobile, tap the ellipsis ... icon in the upper-right corner.

Task options include:

  • Copy ID: Copy the task ID to your clipboard.
  • Share link: Share the task link via AirDrop, SMS, email, Slack, and more. Recipients must have a ClickUp account with access to the Workspace to view the task.

    If the task is private and not shared with you, you can request access to it when you open its URL.

  • Copy name: Copy the task name to your clipboard.
  • Add or edit watchers: Add yourself as a watcher by tapping Watch. Remove yourself as a watcher by tapping Unwatch. To see or edit existing watchers, tap Watchers.
  • Share email to task: Copy the task's unique email address so you can add comments via email.
  • Favorite: Add the task to your Favorites.
  • Send to Tray: Send the task to the Tray so you can access it later.
  • Move Task: Move the task to another List.
  • Archive: Archive the task.
  • Delete: The task creator can delete the task.

Share and favorite tasks

You can share or favorite tasks from Task view.

Share a task

To share a task internally from Task view:

  1. In the upper-right corner, tap the share icon.
    • Alternatively, tap the ellipsis ... icon in the upper-right and select Share link from the modal.
  2. Share the task link via AirDrop, SMS, email, Slack, and other apps.

Favorite a task

To favorite a task in Task view:

  1. Tap the ellipsis ... icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Favorite.

Resolve assigned comments

Resolve assigned comments from anywhere.

To resolve assigned comments from the Activity tab in Task view, tap the Resolve checkbox on the comment.

Customize your task layout

Learn how to customize your task layout on the mobile app.

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